transportation fuel

OPINION: Natural gas taking off as a transportation fuel

Discover the growing use and power of natural gas and why this transportation fuel is taking off. By Carl...

The single-fuel mentality needs to die. Our future depends on it.

You drive a car with gasoline or a truck with diesel. It's been that way since you were born, and this...
battery recycling

Battery Recycling Prize winners announced

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the 15 winners of Phase 1 of the Battery Recycling Prize, a prize that aims...
alliance autogas

Alliance AutoGas secures first patent for the LPG Evacuation Pump

November 4th, 2019 – Swannanoa, NC – Alliance AutoGas, an alternative fuel company based in Asheville, NC, has just received their first...
biodiesel production

Plant increases biodiesel production up to 12 million gallons annually

Local biodiesel company increases production capabilities by 30 percent, and broadens cooking oil recycling operations to include Southern California.

Oklahoma emerging as new leader in electric vehicle charging

Oklahoma is now the number one state to own an electric vehicle, according to With one of the lowest average electricity rates in...
electric transportation

Electric transportation in Utah

Watch Motorweek's John Davis discuss how Salt Lake City, Utah is implementing electric transportation solutions to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air...
propane buses

FLEETFIX: School district invests in propane buses and station

Challenge Henry County School’s concern with bus maintenance requirements led the district to replace an aging diesel fleet...
electric refueling station

First fully converted gas-to-electric refueling station in the US

ANNAPOLIS, MD—The nation’s first fully converted gas-to-electric refueling and service station for electric vehicles (EV) opened today in Montgomery County, Maryland. The...

Granite State Clean Cities Coalition participates in NDEW

It’s been a whirlwind two weeks for the Granite State Clean Cities Coalition (GSCCC) with participation in six National Drive Electric Week events, the...