toyota prius primevideo

2018 Toyota Prius Prime review – Plug-In Hybrid

The Straight Pipes, an automotive content creator that makes new and used car reviews, challenges, as well as engine, intake, and exhaust...

Is Toyota finally serious about electric cars?

Toyota electric cars? Today Toyota announced that they'll be speeding up their electric car program but are they actually serious about it...
honda e prototypevideo

SNEAK PEAK: Honda E Prototype

A small electric city car with a big personality. Take a closer look at the near-production-ready Honda E Prototype, an update of...
benefits of propane

Top 5 benefits of propane autogas buses

With August in full swing, kids across the country are embarking on another school year. As of last year, more than 900,000...
fs propane

Alliance AutoGas performs live conversion at FS Propane Summer Showcase

Alliance AutoGas (AAG) performed a live autogas conversion on a Ford F-250 at the inaugural FS Propane Summer Showcase this past June...
bus grant

Transit and shuttle bus grant funding available

$16,000,000 in EMT funding for a transit and shuttle bus grant is available for eligible Class 4-8 Transit and Shuttle Bus projects.
electric vehicle culture

OPINION: Electric vehicles could change our culture

By Carl Lisek Carl Lisek, Executive Director of South Shore Clean Cities, discusses how electric vehicles could change...
ev bike

EV Bike: University of Virginia pilots an electric bike

University of Virginia (UVA) in August 2019 began a pilot for an EV bike for on campus activities.  This vehicle replaces a...
school bus grant

Electric school bus grant

On Thursday, August 29th 2019, Dominion Energy and Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam announced a school bus grant to provide Virginia schools with 1,000+...
electric school bus

The largest electric school bus initiative in the US

– Zero-emissions electric school buses will improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions– School districts will pay no added cost, see reduced operational...