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Clean Cities archive webinars, available to watch online

While social distancing measures along with other precautions are still in place due to COVID-19, those who would normally attend an alternative...

Shift to alternative fuels at Vicinity Energy

Speaking at CampusEnergy2020, Bill DiCroce, CEO of Vicinity Energy, explains the company's plans to accelerate the use of alternative fuels in its...

Waste to Fuel: On the making of renewable natural gas

What is renewable natural gas? How is it made? Take a look into this growing renewable fuel option to learn what makes it clean and how it's created.

Biodiesel and agriculture in 2020

More than two decades ago the biodiesel industry was born out of agriculture. In 2020, the two industries still work hand-in-hand in...

Shell New Energy: Investments and projects on biomethane

Christian Cuenot, Business developer manager BioMethane, Shell New Energies Collected at 5th Future of Biogas Europe Summit –...

The single-fuel mentality needs to die. Our future depends on it.

You drive a car with gasoline or a truck with diesel. It's been that way since you were born, and this...

Senator Tammy Duckworth on EPA ethanol exemptions

The EPA ethanol exemptions has been a hot topic for some weeks now. "In August the EPA granted 31 more controversial waivers...

The largest electric school bus initiative in the US

– Zero-emissions electric school buses will improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions– School districts will pay no added cost, see reduced operational...

The 5th annual Midwest Green Transportation Forum

The 5th annual upcoming Midwest Green Transportation forum offers great opportunities for fleets, commuters, and others. Now...

Federal alternative fuels tax credit scheduled for floor vote

An amendment that would extend the alternative fuels federal tax credits for for 2018-2020 is scheduled for a floor vote.