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OPINION: Electric vehicles may change first car memories

Think back to your first vehicle. What made it attractive? Was it the color? Make or model? Size? Convenience?...

Salt Lake City unveils EV roadmap, gets serious about electrification

Pop-out doors, instant acceleration, electric bikes, autonomous electric ride-share programs; the future is exciting when it comes to electrified transportation. And, in many cases, the...

Electric buses hit the streets in Kentucky

Learn how Lexington, Kentucky, diversified its fleet with all-electric buses.

Idaho surges ahead with electric vehicle charging

Learn how Idaho Power helped expand the electric vehicle charging network in Boise, Idaho.

Electric Vehicles charge up at state parks in West Virginia

Watch how state parks in West Virginia attract visitors with free electric vehicle charging.

Hawaii mayors’ proclamation: committing to 100% renewable ground transportation by 2045

At the end of 2017, Hawaii’s four mayors made a historic proclamation pledging to transition all ground transportation in their counties to run on...

ROUSH CleanTech enters EV market with all-electric Ford F-650

ROUSH CleanTech unveiled its newest carbon footprint-friendly vehicle — an all-electric Ford F-650. The company, which includes propane autogas and compressed natural gas in...

North Carolina commits to clean energy with EV charging

Find out how Asheville, North Carolina, is building a network of electric vehicle charging stations.

Virginia inns offer Level 2 charging and the opportunity to tour...

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are the newest amenity at Virginia bed and breakfasts that are catering to a more green-friendly clientele. This is...