FLEETFIX: Waste Management Operations in Tennessee

WM time-fill CNG refueling
WM frequently uses a two-sided, time-fill system to reduce costs associated with refueling (and save space).
  • Fleet Name:  Waste Management (WM)
  • Domicile sites:  Nashville (Antioch) and Jackson, Tennessee
  • Alternative fuel or technology:  Compressed natural gas, CNG
  • When started:  WM began converting refuse trucks that are based out of Antioch and serve the greater Nashville area in 2011. They installed their own time-fill refueling system in 2012 and continued expanding the number of vehicles that use CNG. As of the end of 2017, the number of CNG collection vehicles in the Antioch fleet totaled to 83. All of their trucks that run CNG are dedicated. Efforts began in 2015 to bring CNG to their Jackson location. Due to some nearby CNG availability at a public station in Trenton, TN, they continued adding vehicles there while they built their own CNG refueling infrastructure in Jackson. As of today, there are 12 CNG collection vehicles in that city.
  • Fuel used:  In 2017 in Tennessee, WM surpassed 1,000,000 GGEs of CNG used and petroleum displaced in their Nashville and Jackson fleets… just in 2017!
  • Vision:  In 2007, as part of corporate sustainability goals, WM committed to reducing total CO2 fleet emissions by 15 percent below 2007 levels by 2020. They achieved this CO2 goal several years ahead of schedule, reducing fleet carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent below 2007 levels in 2011! WM operates and maintains 107 CNG stations with 29 of those open to the public, including in Nashville, and now have more than 6,500 vehicles that run on alternative fuels.
WM fast fill CNG station
A WM vehicle refueling at the fast-fill “Clean N’ Green” station that they maintain in Antioch, TN, on the south side of the greater Nashville area.
  • Service to Clean Cities:  Since 2014, WM’s corporate offices for a four-state area in Franklin, TN have supported a corporate executive serving on the Middle-West Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition’s Board of Directors. Robert Cheney, Director of Business Development & Strategic Planning, has served on the board since then and is now the board president.


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