Waste Management opens $30M renewable natural gas facility in Louisville


KCFC Executive Director Emily Carpenter was honored to speak at the Waste Management Grand Opening of the $30 million renewable natural gas facility in June. Waste Management’s new state-of-the-art technology at its Outer Loop Recycling and Disposal Facility, turning waste disposed at the site into usable, renewable energy. This innovative infrastructure will capture methane produced by the landfill and convert it to pipeline quality natural gas.

The ribbon cutting that took place as part of the event.

“The Outer Loop facility accepts approximately one million tons of waste a year from area businesses and homes. This project closes the loop. This new facility will produce enough pipeline-quality natural gas each day to fuel 800 of our CNG (compressed natural gas) collection vehicles across North America or power up to 14,000 homes a day,” Wells said.

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“We are proud to play an important role in making Louisville more sustainable for today’s residents and for generations to come,” said Waste Management Area Vice President Tim Wells. “We are grateful for Mayor Fischer’s sustainability efforts and thank Louisville for being a good partner to us.”

“The people of Louisville share Waste Management’s deep commitment to sustainability,” said Mayor Greg Fischer. “We need more companies to follow their example, and invest in renewable energy solutions that will make our community better.”

Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition Executive Director Emily Carpenter and her husband Derek attended, and Emily spoke at the event.

This is not Waste Management’s first sustainability project in Louisville. The company has also invested $30 million converting its entire fleet of local collection diesel trucks to a compressed natural gas fueled fleet; helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air and noise pollution.

“Waste Management, by converting its fleet, has reduced its use of conventional fuel by millions of gallons. That has translated to thousands of tons of greenhouses gases that were not emitted because of the company’s remarkable efforts,” Carpenter said. “This new project with its state of the art technology allows Waste Management to have an even bigger impact on reducing those emissions.”

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