FLEETFIX: Ace Recycling and Disposal

Ace Recycling
One of Ace Recycling's front-end loaders that operates on CNG.

Fleet Name:  Ace Recycling and Disposal

Home Office:  West Valley City, Utah

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Service area:  Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, Weber, Tooele and Summit Counties in Utah and Uintah county in Wyoming

Fleet Purpose:  Ace Recycling and Disposal picks up trash and recycling for 13 Utah cities, and for commercial customers across the state. They run front-load, roll-off, side-load and rear load trucks to accommodate the range of waste disposal needs of customers in its footprint.

Alternative fuel or technology:  Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

When started:  They received their first CNG truck in 2009. Now, in 2018, almost 60% of their garbage and recycling trucks are running on CNG!

Leadership:  Our mechanics and drivers work together to keep our CNG fleet running optimally.

From the Fleet:  At Ace Recycling and Disposal, we see environmental waste every day and consider taking care of the Earth as part of our core mission. We hope that by demonstrating the versatility of green technologies, we can encourage others to transition to lower-impact fuels as well. We care about the air our employees and their families breathe, the water they drink, and the future of this beautiful state.

CNG refueling
One of Ace’s refuse trucks connected to a time-fill CNG system. These systems are common in the refuse industry where the trucks are almost always parked overnight, and can get a more complete, fuller fill of CNG using a lower-pressure filling system.



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