FLEETFIX: City of Dublin, OH Fleet

Dublin NGV
One of the City of Dublin's natural gas vehicles, or NGVs.
  • Fleet Name:  City of Dublin, OH Fleet Management
  • Domicile site:  Dublin is a suburb of Columbus in Franklin, Delaware, and Union counties in the U.S. state of Ohio
  • Service area:  :  Dublin is a city of more than 48,000+ residents located just northwest of Columbus, Ohio. It offers residents and corporate citizens responsive services, attractive housing, superior public education, direct regional highway access, abundant park space, thoughtful and strategic planning, innovative ideas and technology and a dynamic community life.

    Dublin HD NGVs
    Some of the city’s larger NGVs, including 4 multi-use dump trucks, which can also serve as snow plows.
  • Fleet purpose:  The Fleet Management Division strives to establish efficient and effective delivery of City fleet services by providing customer agencies with safe, reliable, economically and environmentally sound transportation and related support services that are responsive to the needs of customer departments and that conserve vehicle value and equipment investment.
  • Alternative fuel or technology:Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles; CNG Fueling Station; Propane Auto Gas (LPG) lawnmower; Electric Vehicles (EV); EV Charging Stations and a Hybrid Electric Bucket Truck.
  • When started:  The City of Dublin fully launched its alternative fuel and advanced technology initiative in 2010 under the administration of Director of Fleet Management, Darryl Syler. Darryl helped to build and grow Dublin’s alternative fuel portfolio.
  • Financials:  In addition of funding though the City, Dublin has, over the years, utilized a number of grant funding sources to help cover costs associated with the transition to alternative fuels. Beginning in 2010 with funding through the American Recover and Reinvestment Act, a grant administered by Clean Fuels Ohio, Dublin launched its efforts in CNG through the acquisition of 63 CNG vehicles and the building of a full-scale fast-fill CNG station.
Dublin Nissan Leaf
One of the city’s new Nissan Leafs.
  • Leadership: Darryl Syler, City of Dublin Director of Fleet, has been the leader in Dublin’s adoption of alternative fuels and advanced technologies. Darryl has lead all discussions, and decision making with Dublin’s green initiatives and has spearheaded the implementation stage of all projects.
  • Vision:  The City of Dublin now has now deployed more than 69 alternative fuel vehicles. The City of Dublin was recently named the #1 small fleet in North America, has earned the ACT Award for Sustainability, obtained a CLEANFleet Certification, and is a certified Green Fleet with Clean Fuels Ohio. Dublin’s Fleet Management is among the most awarded in the country. Among its accomplishments, it is an ASE Blue Seal Shop with six ASE Master Certificated Technicians. Dublin plans to continue to grow its alternative fuel initiative and move forward with the deployment of additional alt. fuel vehicles.
Dublin CNG trucks
Some of the city fleet’s of CNG trucks.

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