FLEETFIX: Packsize | EV Fleet for Employee Use

Packsize + EVSE
Packsize International CEO Hanko Kiessner stands next to one of the company's 50 Level 2 charging stations outside of the company's headquarters in Salt Lake City.

Fleet Name:  Packsize

Domicile site:  Salt Lake City, Utah

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Service area:  An Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet is utilized at Utah headquarters and across 16 states nationwide.

Fleet purpose:  Packsize International CEO Hanko Kiessner is one of Utah’s most outspoken proponents of the state’s clean air initiative. As such, he founded the nonprofit, Leaders for Clean Air, with other clean air corporate supporters and has taken the “walk the walk” approach by installing 50 level-2 EV charging ports plus two DC fast chargers at their headquarters. In addition, Packsize has currently purchased 30 EVs for select employees, beginning with the Honda Clarity. Packsize is committed to purchasing 15 to 20 more EVs for employees in various regions across the country. At the end of the employee program lease, Packsize plans to offer its employees the opportunity to purchase the EV to promote EV adoption and zero emissions.

Alternative fuel or technology:  Electricity using EV charger stations.

When started:  In 2012, Packsize CEO Hanko Kiessner decided to take on the issue of air quality along the Wasatch Front. Recognizing the Utah’s poor air quality while growing Packsize in Salt Lake City, Kiessner looked at the viability of switching to EVs to help curb pollution. He began driving an electric car and then wanted others to enjoy the experience and benefits, so he took the idea to the workplace to complement the company’s sustainability mission and tagline: Smarter Packaging for a Healthy Planet®. In April 2017, the new Packsize headquarters opened with 50 level-two EV charging stations as part of the company’s architectural footprint.

Financials: To date, approximately 125 of 270 Packsize employees–or approx. 50 percent, both in Salt Lake City and nationwide–drive EVs. A 2018 study from the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute found that electric vehicles cost less than half as much to operate as gas-powered cars. The average cost to operate an EV in the United States is $485 per year, while the average for a gasoline-powered vehicle is $1,117, a significant statistic that Packsize is taking very seriously.



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