YouTube, an oft-overlooked cornucopia of wonderfully high-quality, well-researched, well-presented, and interesting educational content. Soon after its inception in 2005, YouTube established itself as the locus of entertainment for anything cat-related or capable of being shoe-horned into the format of a “Top-Ten List.”

It may seem like YouTube’s prime function is to provide a library of comedic exploits and vlogs, but the platform offers so much more than that. To shed some light on these lesser-known facets of YouTube, I will be doing an ongoing series of articles highlighting individual videos or content creators who are doing excellent work to educate their viewers – focusing on those videos/creators who touch on subjects near and dear to the Clean Cities world.

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Articles in this series will primarily serve to direct attention to the amazing work that YouTube creators are doing. I aim to provide something of an appetizer for the main course that is the video/creator in question.

Note: To step into the language of the YouTube space, I will henceforth refer to YouTube creators by their channel name, particularly since some channels are run by small teams.

Channel Spotlight: Engineering Explained

To kick off this series, I feel that there is only one channel I can possibly start with, and that’s Engineering Explained. The channel was started and is run by Jason Fenske, who graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University. He has a great bio on his website, so I will spare you the minutiae of his personal life – the important thing here is the fantastic videos he creates.

For years, Engineering Explained has provided video explanations of the technical workings of the automotive industry. With loads of hands-on mechanic experience and a degree to back it all up, his explanations manage to be approachable yet thorough. I have been watching his videos personally for around 5 years now, and I often re-watch many of his videos when I feel like I need to understand a topic better.

His videos span a variety of topics throughout the automotive industry, and some of his videos have even been used in various Clean Cities University lessons to explain relevant technology. While only a handful of videos on his channel are alt-fuel related, they are all very high quality. What’s more, he even cites his sources!

If there is something automotive-related that you’ve been wondering about, if you’re looking for tips about taking care of your engine, or just interested in watching a review of a new car, Engineering Explained likely has a video to meet your needs.

I will be doing articles specifically highlighting individual videos by Engineering Explained in the future, but here is a short list of his videos that I think are particularly interesting (in no particular order):


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