Candace Gump of NET Trans and Happy Fox of Alliance AutoGas talk about Greeneville’s newest propane refueling station for propane autogas vehicles. The new station is a public-private partnership and will serve as a refueling point for vehicles in the NET Trans fleet, as well as for soon-to-be-converted police cars for the City police force. Also featured in the video are comments by Representative David Hawk of the TN General Assembly, and City Administrator Todd Smith, of the Town of Greeneville.

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  1. […] The Greeneville Police Department (GPD) partnered with Alliance AutoGas via Alliance’s Propane Fuel Program. This program was designed to help fleets save money, reduce emissions, and improve vehicle engine life. Since GPD’s program launch on January 1, 2019, they have already converted three new patrol vehicles, all of which are Ford Interceptor SUVs (Explorers). They program is projected to save the Town of Greeneville an estimated $10,000 per year. The vehicles refuel at a newly opened public propane station that Alliance Autogas opened in downtown Greeneville in 2018. […]


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