For those keeping count: yes, this is yet another VidFix article about Engineering Explained. I promise I’ll find someone else for the next article – he’s just been putting out such fantastic content recently that I can’t not write about his videos. Conveniently for me, this is his last video in his recent series about electric cars, sponsored by Formula E. I already have the video for my next article in mind, and it’s going to be a great one.

Now, to Engineering Explained’s video. For electric vehicle (EV) naysayers, there has long been the argument that emissions estimates for EVs are grossly underestimating or ignoring the emissions associated with vehicle production (specifically regarding the battery) and electricity generation. These arguments are usually lumped into the idea of an EV’s “long tailpipe.” Of course, there’s no getting around the fact that there are emissions associated with EVs, but quantifying exactly how significant these emissions are remains a topic of much debate.

In this video, Jason digs into the problem of EV emissions to answer three primary questions:

  • Doesn’t EV battery production cause a lot of emissions?
  • Don’t electric cars get their power from fossil fuels?
  • Isn’t Lithium mining terrible for the environment?

As always, Jason cites his sources and states all the assumptions made along the path towards a satisfying answer to these questions. His citations include reputable sources such as MIT and Argonne National Laboratory – so yeah, the video is pretty solid.

As per usual, I won’t spoil the video for you, so if you want to know how things shake out – you’ll just have to watch the video yourself! Clocking in at almost 14 minutes long, this video is by no means a short one, but it’s very much worth it. Pop some popcorn, pour yourself a mug of tea, kick back, and enjoy! Until next time, happy watching!


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