As promised, here is a VidFix article that’s not about Engineering Explained!

This month’s spotlight is going to be shone upon one of my favorite YouTube channels of all time: Smarter Every Day. This channel is run by Destin Sandlin, who until recently was a literal rocket scientist (he resigned to focus more on his children and to work towards a graduate degree). Smarter Every Day is devoted to curiosity and understanding the world, and his videos span a huge variety of topics, from the way honey pours (rope-coil effect) to the way that cats manage to land on their feet. In this video, Destin explains how a four-stroke engine works using slow-motion video of a Briggs & Stratton engine with a see-through cylinder head.

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The video is absolutely phenomenal both for learning how a four-stroke engine works as well as for pure entertainment value – slow-motion video of combustion chamber is really captivating. This 8.5-minute video is a fantastic introduction to Smarter Every Day, a channel which may cause heavy binge-watching if you’re not careful. You’ve been warned.


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