FLEETFIX: SporTran electric and CNG bus fleet


Fleet Name: SporTran

Vehicles: 5 Proterra Electric Buses and 36 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Buses

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Domicile Site: Shreveport, Louisiana

Fleet Purpose: Fixed route paratransit service

Alternative Fuel or Technology: Electric and CNG

When Started: SporTran has been operating a transit service since the 1870’s and began switching to alternative fuel vehicles in 2010, replacing their last diesel bus in 2017 with the purchase of 5 Proterra buses.

Leadership: SporTran’s President and CEO, Dinero Washington, has been an incredible leader with SporTran, but also as President of Louisiana’s Public Transportation Association.

Vision: SporTran’s mission is to provide safe, reliable, and sustainable transportation for Shreveport and Bossier, Louisiana. An integral part of this mission is their switch to alternative fuels in their fleet, which has resulted in less vehicle downtime, fuel and maintenance cost saves, and cleaner air for the citizens that SporTran serves. SporTran was the first fleet in Louisiana to operate a 100% alternative fuel fleet, and the first transportation fleet in the state to operate electric buses. The purchase of their 5 Proterra buses is projected to save the fleet $2.2 million in fuel and maintenance costs over their 12-year lifetime, and SporTran expects to purchase more Proterra buses as they replace older vehicles. In 2017 alone, SporTran’s dedication to alternative fuel vehicles has offset the production of over 500,000 gasoline-gallon equivalents of petroleum and over 1,500 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Left to right: Dinero Washington, President and CEO of SporTran; Ann Vail, Executive Director of Louisiana Clean Fuels; Dale Hill, Founder of Proterra

Louisiana’s Governor John Bel Edwards talking at the 2017 ribbon cutting for SporTran’s five new Proterra buses.



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