Louisiana Clean Fuels seeks input from fleets, potential site hosts, EV owners for potential EV interstate charging network

Currently, driving long-distance with an electric vehicle in Louisiana can be a challenge, and drivers can often be left searching for level 2 chargers that take a long time to use. The creation of this DC Fast Charging network will give electric vehicle owners of all makes more freedom to take their EVs on longer trips.


As the popularity of electric vehicles rises, so too does the need for fast, convenient interstate charging network locations throughout the state. Louisiana Clean Fuels (LCF), along with a team of experts and collaborators, is working to create a Master Plan for a DC Fast Charger network that will meet Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) alternative fuel corridor guidelines.

With this end in mind, LCF recently launched a crowdsourcing website to gather input from electric vehicle owners and potential site hosts. “This project allows our stakeholders the opportunity to be a part of the decision-making process on where to place DC Fast Chargers along Louisiana’s interstate corridors” says Ann Vail, LCF Executive Director. “When the state gained approval for alternative fuel corridor signage from the FHWA in March of 2018 for both natural gas and propane vehicles but not electric charging, we saw it as an opportunity to step in and help design a fueling corridor that actually reflects the needs of electric vehicle owners.”

Currently, driving long-distance with an electric vehicle in Louisiana can be a challenge, and drivers can often be left searching for level 2 chargers that take a long time to use. The creation of this interstate charging network focused on DC Fast Charging will give electric vehicle owners of all makes more freedom to take their EVs on longer trips.

The DC Fast Charger crowdsourcing website offers electric vehicle owners most impacted by the project the chance to have their recharging needs considered in the planning of the charging network. LCF is asking electric vehicle owners to think about their commute along the interstate where they normally stop for rest breaks and drop a “pin” where they know their car could benefit from a charging station. If someone has already nominated a site that they agree with, then participants can “like” that item and leave a comment about that location.

Local business owners and government entities also have the opportunity to have their voices heard by nominating their location to be a potential site host for these proposed charging stations. Hosting a charging station can offer a wide range of benefits; not only would hosting a charging station help to meet corporate sustainability goals, hosting will also serve to attract new customers who drive electric vehicles.

The website’s public comment period will close on March 31, 2019. At that time, the data collected on the website will be combined with highway data, economic data of potential sites, and vehicle data from multiple sources that will reveal optimal charging sites along the corridor. When the plan is complete, LCF will work with its stakeholders to find funding for site hosts to install chargers at the best sites.

Visit the crowd sourcing website site at: https://louisianacleanfuels.mysocialpinpoint.com/cleanfuels#/

Learn more about LCF’s DC Fast Charging Master Plan at: https://louisianacleanfuels.starchapter.com/Louisiana_DC_Fast_Charging_Corridor

Learn more about the different type of electric vehicle chargers: https://afdc.energy.gov/fuels/electricity_infrastructure.html

Ann Vail is the Executive Director of Louisiana Clean Fuels, a designated DOE Clean Cities Coalition. She served as a marketing professional for over 10 years and joined the LCF team in the spring of 2012 and was named Executive Director in December of 2013. Ann has worked successfully across a variety of industries including oil and gas exploration, health-care software, and solar installation and brings many years of event planning, outreach, communications and community organizing experience to LCF.

As LCF Executive Director, Ann is responsible for strategic planning, stakeholder services, education and outreach, as well as planning and infrastructure development programs. Ann is available to assist coalition stakeholders with project development, technical workshop as well as locating funding opportunities and supporting funding proposals. Contact Ann at ann@louisianacleanfuels.org.


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