DeKalb County Fleet Management named “Best Fleet”

dekalb county fleet management
Photo credit: Ken Hunter, NAFA

DeKalb County Fleet Management earned first place out of 38,000 public fleets while employing CNG, propane, and electric transportation.

Last year Robert Gordon, Fleet Director for DeKalb County Fleet Management, Georgia, accepted the first place award for “The 100 Best Fleets in the Americas”. DeKalb Fleet Management manages 3,641 vehicles with over 300 of those being alternative fuel vehicles that use either CNG, propane or electric as a fuel source.

Some of these alternative fuel vehicles include 113 propane light duty, 164 CNG heavy duty, and three electric, with plans to order more of each. The fleet averages 30,000,000 miles annually with an annual operating budget of $30 million and a $28 million annual vehicle replacement.

Check out some vehicles from DeKalb’s award-winning fleet in the gallery below.  

Road fork truck dumpster truck
Rear loader 17 ydr
Normal rear loader
Load lugger Level Lift 2
Knuckleboom crane truck
Front Loader
Grapler truck
Bucket truck was first-of-its-kind 2017 PDK airport
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