Clean Fuels Ohio secures $300K electric vehicle grant

Clean Fuels Ohio secured a $300,000 grant from Midwest based philanthropy, the Joyce Foundation, to use as an electric vehicle grant.

electric vehicle grant

In July, Clean Fuels Ohio secured a $300,000 grant from Midwest based philanthropy, the Joyce Foundation, to use as an electric vehicle grant.

Clean Ohio Fuels secured a $300K 2-year grant from the Joyce Foundation that will be directed toward increasing electric vehicle use across Ohio through programs ranging from policymaker education to the expansion of the organization’s grassroots electric vehicle initiative, Drive Electric Ohio.

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Originally chartered in 1948, the Chicago-based Joyce Foundation holds $1 billion in assets. In 2018, the Foundation gave $50 million to Midwest organizations focused on policy development and advocacy in five areas ranging from gun violence prevention and justice reform to the environment.

Ed Miller, Joyce Foundation Program Director, is confident in Clean Fuels Ohio’s approach saying, “The Joyce Foundation seeks to improve public policies across the Midwest, including those that can drive the transition to cleaner transportation systems in Ohio. We are proud to support Clean Fuels Ohio because its work combines top-notch policy expertise with knowledge of what actually works for public agencies, businesses, and families across the state.”

The grant comes at a critical time for the state’s growing electric vehicle market as an increasingly supportive environment and local excitement around smart/clean mobility projects combine to present new opportunities for growth of electric vehicle adoption rates. Expected filings to the Public Utilities Commision of Ohio from major electric companies promise to expand public charging access. In 2018, Columbus and Cincinnati were awarded grants from the Bloomberg American Climate Cities Challenge to carry out their sustainability goals including a focus on promoting electric vehicles. Similarly the Smart Columbus program will continue to be a force for change in the state’s clean transportation movement. More business, local governments, and individuals across the state understand the financial and environmental benefits of electric vehicles.

As an organization, Clean Fuels Ohio is poised to capitalize on each of these developments due to its expertise, reputation, and history of success in the clean transporation sector.

As a nonpartisan, fuel and technology neutral organization, Clean Fuels Ohio has developed trusted relationships among businesses, state and local policymakers, utility regulators, and other community stakeholders. The organization will continue to leverage these connections in order to make Ohio a more EV-ready state.

Over the 2-year life of the grant, Clean Fuels Ohio hopes to expand its Drive Electric Ohio grassroots organizations into the Toledo, Canton, and Youngstown areas in addition to developing a statewide electric car dealership training and certification program. Clean Fuels Ohio will also use funding to provide nonpartisan electric vehicle-ready policy education to federal, state, and local officials across Ohio.

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