First fully converted gas-to-electric refueling station in the US

Maryland opens first fully converted gas-to-electric refueling station in the United States

electric refueling station

ANNAPOLIS, MD—The nation’s first fully converted gas-to-electric refueling and service station for electric vehicles (EV) opened today in Montgomery County, Maryland. The EV refueling station, jointly funded by the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) and Electric Vehicle Institute (EVI), is located along the Maryland/Washington, D.C. border at RS Automotive, 7224 Carroll Avenue in Takoma Park.

“Maryland is proud to be a national leader when it comes to clean and renewable energy, climate change, and the promotion of electric infrastructure and vehicles,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “This fully-converted, gas-to-electric charging station is a prime example of our administration’s commitment to the environment and transportation.”

The refueling station hosts a state-of-the-art, high-powered (HP), 200 kilowatt (kw), four dispenser system, delivering 50 kws and higher for EV charging. This refueling station allows four EVs to charge simultaneously within 20 to 30 minutes under an illuminated canopy. A new 200 kw/HP charging system with DC fast charging capability is in place to support the EV station along with a certified repair facility that can handle all aspects of servicing, including battery pack replacement and disposal, plus a fully stocked and automated convenience store.

“This EV charging station is another first and only in the country, credits for Maryland,” stated Mary Beth Tung, MEA Director. “Our state’s energy programs are strategically advancing toward 100% clean electricity, which benefits all Marylanders and the environment.”

EVI received a $786,000 Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program grant from MEA grant in FY18, which was used to support the purchase of 16 DC fast chargers for seven locations across the state. The project exemplifies the long history of public and private partnerships that advance energy and transportation opportunities for Marylanders.

“EVI is excited to have installed a high powered, fast charging system in Takoma Park as it is a significant step in providing a ‘gas-station’ like charging experience for Maryland EV drivers and commuters in the region,” according to EVI CEO Matthew Wade. These new chargers at RS Automotive are among the over 600 charging stations located within the State of Maryland. A growing network of EV charging infrastructure will be needed to help Maryland meet its goal of having 60,000 EVs on the road by 2020, and 300,000 by 2025. To learn more about Maryland’s zero-emission vehicle efforts, please visit the Zero Emission Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council website.

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