Alliance AutoGas secures first patent for the LPG Evacuation Pump

Alliance AutoGas, an alternative fuel company based in Asheville, NC, has just received their first patent for their creation of the LPG Evacuation Pump.

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November 4th, 2019 – Swannanoa, NC – Alliance AutoGas, an alternative fuel company based in Asheville, NC, has just received their first patent for their creation of the LPG Evacuation Pump. Alliance was founded in 2010 by Blossman Gas, the largest independently owned propane company in the U.S., which is comprised of 74 locations and two headquarters, one in Swannanoa, NC and the other in Ocean Springs, MS. As more and more commercial fleets across the U.S., including school districts, are turning to propane autogas as the alternative fuel of choice, Alliance AutoGas saw the need for increased efficiency and safety while servicing these vehicles. This led to the creation of the LPG Evacuation Pump, which is now being used by propane fleets across the country.

Fleets are choosing autogas over traditional gasoline and diesel for a variety of reasons, including cost efficiency, environmental benefits, and the desire to use a domestic fuel. Propane autogas engines significantly reduce engine CO2 and NOX emissions, particulate matter, and Black Carbon, which dramatically improves air quality in local communities. While propane autogas is a clean burning fuel, normally requiring less engine maintenance than its gasoline and diesel counterparts, autogas vehicles will still require occasional fuel system repair. This is where Alliance found the need for a better way to service these vehicles.

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“Customers were coming to us and asking for help servicing their autogas vehicles,” said David Kennedy, Director of Autogas Design for Alliance AutoGas. “After listening to their needs, we developed a quick and easy way to remove propane and prepare the vehicles for service. Receiving this patent is exciting for us, and shows a serious commitment to the alternative fuels industry, specifically the autogas segment, where we see continued growth in the future.”

When working with an autogas, or a Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) system, all fuel must be emptied from the tank in order to perform internal repairs and service. The LPG Evacuation Pump was designed to do this in an economical and safe way for both the environment and service technicians. Alliance engineers designed the pump to deliver fast, reliable, recovery of autogas (LPG) from any vehicle that uses autogas for fuel. This evacuation pump works for all liquid propane injection systems and ensures that not only everyone remains safe, but that no fuel is wasted. The LPG Evacuation Pump allows the evacuation of autogas into any other certified cylinder or LPG tank, including another vehicle. It is a simple unit powered by an air compressor (thereby removing any need for an ignition source in the machinery for optimal safety) that connects two tanks with a qualified LPG hose. When fuel evacuation is complete, technicians may safely begin work on the faulty component.

“Jessie Johnson and David Kennedy [inventors of the LPG Evacuation Pump] reflect the innovative spirit of our company when we see an unfulfilled need,” stated Stuart Weidie, president and CEO of Blossman Gas and president of Alliance AutoGas. “Their invention, the LPG Evacuation Pump, will greatly enhance the safety of fuel transfers, allowing the repair of critical components on autogas vehicles. We are proud of their accomplishment and thrilled to have obtained our first patent as a company.”

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About Alliance AutoGas
Alliance AutoGas (AAG) is an international network providing a comprehensive propane autogas solution to light, medium and heavy-duty fleets. Alliance AutoGas is managed by its parent company Blossman Gas, Inc., the largest privately-owned propane company in the United States. Alliance AutoGas is comprised of more than 120 independent propane marketers and authorized conversion centers throughout North America. Alliance’s partners are aligned to provide EPA certified propane and propane autogas systems to vehicle fleets and lawn care companies, including the sale of, installation, and ongoing service to keep these systems on the road.

About Blossman Gas
Blossman Gas, Inc. has been providing comfort to families throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic for more than 65 years. Serving customers in 16 states from over 70 branches, the family-and employee-owned company delivers propane and efficient propane appliances to their 170,000+ customers. Showrooms provide demonstrations and expertise on most national manufacturers of ranges, cooktops, water heaters, outdoor living products, generators, gas grills and gas logs. Leading the industry in technician training, Blossman is a full-service company that provides everything from propane delivery to appliance sales, installation and service. For more information, call 1.888.Blossman or visit


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