Need to find an electric charging station? Use Google Maps.

Users now have the ability to search for electric vehicle stations across the US and the UK.

electric charging

Google Maps just made owning an electric vehicle (EV) even easier by identifying electric charging stations.

Users now have the ability to search for electric charging stations across the US and the UK. Chargers can be filtered according to plug type (CHAdeMO, CCS, Type 2, or Tesla’s proprietary plug type), charging speed, and into networks like Chargemaster, EVgo, SemaConnect and Chargepoint.

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Being able to search by plug type will make it much easier for drivers to find an electric charging station that supports their car’s specific standard, which for an inexperienced EV driver, could be vital to adapting into the EV way of life.

The web mapping service will also feature real-time availability for chargers. This means drivers can know if stations are available before they head over to plug-in. A feature that will be effective in reducing the range anxiety that many first-time EV drivers suffer from.

Another helpful addition is the information provided by other EV drivers. Reviews from other drivers will be displayed alongside the chargers. Things such as business location, photos, ratings, questions, and reviews will be available to read.

As for longer navigation purposes, there will now be an opportunity to plot a route and then search for EV charging stations. Google Maps will automatically add the best electric charging stations to the route, so drivers won’t have to worry about where to go when their running low on charge.

All these features are wins for the EV community, as lack of infrastructure and time required to charge are both cited as top concerns for drivers. It’s pivotal that Google Maps is providing a smoother transition to driving electric.

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