Denver Metro Clean Cities establishes webinar series

Photo by Gustavo Fring

On April 15, Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition has successfully launched an interactive webinar series featuring electric car demos and walk-arounds, virtual car ride and drives and more via Zoom call. The program, “Cars on Calls,” features digital sessions covering everything people need to know about electric vehicles (EV.)

The first session discussed the basics of electric car charging. Participants learned about how charging works, different types of car chargers available for home installation, tips for accessing public charging stations and using apps like PlugShare and ChargePoint.

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The second session took a deep dive into electric cars 101. This part of the series covered different types of car models available in Colorado, tax credits and other financial incentives for owning electric vehicles and more on EV charging stations. Long-time EV drivers explained what it’s like to drive an EV and the reasons why they think everyone should try it.

The third session reiterated some basic EV ownership and car charging information covered in the first two sessions. This session was an all-day interactive workshop with participants asking live questions and learning all about different EV car models. The bulk of the session included walk-arounds, car tours and demo drive sessions with a Nissan LEAF, KIA Niro, Audi e-tron, Chevy Bolt and a Tesla Model 3.

While the next edition in the “Cars on Calls” series has yet to be announced, the DMCCC has other upcoming Denver Metro Clean Cities virtual events such as the Colorado EV Infrastructure Happy Hour talk on June 8 covering EVSE hardware and software and the Tech Talk on June 10 about FreeWire Technologies EV batteries.



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