Drive Electric Tennessee publishes 2019 Year in Review


Drive Electric Tennessee (DET), a state-wide initiative to promote electric vehicles, released its 2019 Year in Review document. This roundup of DET’s first full-year as an organization included a short explanation of the program, its goals and leadership structure and what the program members have accomplished thus far.

Within DET, four separate working groups each prioritize one of the key focus areas of the program. These areas include charging infrastructure, EV awareness, policies and programs and EV availability, offerings and innovation.

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One of the biggest accomplishments for the 2019 year was hiring a full-time DET coordinator, Virginia Salazar Buda.

DET’s mission is to have 200,000 electric vehicles on Tennessee’s roads by 2028. To accomplish this, the organization is educating the public through a series of informative campaigns both in-person and digitally. The website is full of information about the benefits of EVs and stays up-to-date with the latest EV news in Tennessee.


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