TN professor, Marty Young, shares love for his electric vehicle


Marty Young, an Associate Professor of emergency medical services at Roane State Community College in Harriman, Tennessee and licensed paramedic, has an abundance of knowledge about being an electric vehicle owner. He has been driving his 2016 Chevrolet Volt for over a year and says he smiles every time he sees it.

In an interview with Drive Electric Tennessee, Young discussed the ins and outs of his EV experience as well as his own takes on charging his car and taking road trips.

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Q: Why did you buy this particular EV? Top three reasons please.

A: My round-trip commute is a total of 45 miles and the Volt allows me to do that entirely with electricity. But I do occasionally make long out-of-town trips and the gas engine comes in handy for that (even though I cringe when I have to use it – which fortunately isn’t very often). It was also in my price range – I got it at CarMax for $19,000.

Q: What’s been the most unique CHARGING experience you’ve had?

A: Actually, I just charge at home. But it really does strike me as funny that “going to the filling station” now means pulling into my carport.

Q: What’s your biggest challenge of owning an EV?

A: Not going up to complete strangers and saying, “Have you ever driven an EV? No? Really? Would you like to drive mine? It’s awesome!”

Q: Have you ever made a long road trip in your EV? What was your favorite thing about making the trip in an EV?

A: Long road trips in the Volt are interesting because of the “Hold” mode. This allows you to save the battery and forces the gas engine to run. I drive electric in towns and then put it in “Hold” mode while on the interstate. Doing this maximizes the fuel economy and turns the trip into a kind of game.

Q: Do you attend EV events in your area? If so, what are some of your favorite experiences?

A: I love participating in ride-and-drive events. Being with someone as they experience an EV for the first time just never gets old for me. The more of these events we can do, the better.

To read more of Marty Young’s love for his Chevy Volt and other EV stories, visit Drive Electric Tennessee. To share your own story, submit your EV personal or company story to



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