Kinetrex Energy renewable natural gas: From trash to treasure

Kinetrex Energy is the U.S.’s leading inter-state liquefied natural gas (LNG) company and operates two significant LNG production facilities. Kinetrex provides turn-key energy solutions from a comprehensive portfolio of natural gas solutions including LNG, renewable natural gas (RNG) and pipeline natural gas for customers in the transportation, commercial, industrial, agricultural and power markets.


One of Kinetrex Energy’s goals since its founding in 2013, has been to provide a clean, cost-effective and practical diesel fuel alternative. Kinetrex Energy provides natural gas is an abundant, inexpensive, near-zero NOx emission and domestic fuel option for fleets. While natural gas can reduce emissions up to 90% versus diesel, renewable natural gas (RNG) can be carbon negative.

With the completion of the largest renewable natural gas plant in Indiana, Indy High BTU on March 20, 2020, Kinetrex strengthened its distinction as a leader in the creation of renewable fuel and natural gas delivery.

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As refuse is placed into landfills it naturally decomposes and generates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Absent beneficial reuse, this methane would escape into the atmosphere or otherwise, be flared.

Kinetrex and its partners, EDL and South Side Landfill, created the Indy High BTU plant to take this naturally occurring methane and refine it into a pipeline-quality renewable natural gas.

Kinetrex is the largest RNG supplier in the Midwest. Using their expertise, Kinetrex finds a home for the physical gas produced from the plant. The Indy High BTU plant is expected to replace over 8 million gallons of diesel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing up to 19,000 passenger cars from the road each year.

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett enthusiastically supports the project, cutting the ribbon at the plant’s opening ceremony and expressing the City is “pleased to see Kinetrex Energy, a homegrown-Indianapolis company, spearheading the effort to provide cleaner, renewable fuel for transportation across the Midwest.”

While many other RNG suppliers are moving their product to California to take advantage of the state’s tax credits, Kinetrex finds tremendous value in serving its customers in America’s heartland.

As a fully integrated energy solution provider, Kinetrex provides its customers with the most cost-effective RNG in the marketplace as well as a full complement of products to meet their energy and environmental-social-governance (ESG) goals.

“RNG, is a reliable and cost-effective solution today for transportation, but will be part of the solution for any organization seeking to reduce their overall carbon footprint and achieve their corporate ESG goals,” Craig Moore, senior vice president and CRO at Kinetrex, said.

To demonstrate how companies can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions or scope 1 emissions in their operations by transitioning to RNG, Kinetrex recently created an emissions calculator that determines a user’s annual environmental impact.

Kinetrex recently announced its six-year RNG supply agreement with UPS. RNG obtained from the Indy High BTU plant will fuel UPS’ LNG-powered fleets in Chicago, Toledo, Columbus, St. Louis and Indianapolis. With the RNG supply agreement, Kinetrex will help UPS meet its 2025 sustainability goals. Kinetrex has seen increasing interest in RNG use by those in the transportation industry and utilities. A recent report, “The State of Sustainable Fleets 2020” announced a 400% increase in RNG use by U.S. fleets over the last several years, linking the increase to the fuel’s climate benefits. In March, Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica) and the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition) announced that 39 percent of all on-road fuel used in natural gas vehicles in 2019 was renewable natural gas (RNG).

With RNG use steadily increasing, Kinetrex is excited to plan new RNG projects to scale up the market place to support transportation, industrial, and utility use of RNG. Moving forward, customers can expect to hear more about Kinetrex Energy’s future projects in announcements slated to be released in the coming months.

Kinetrex Energy is a long-standing member of Greater Indiana Clean Cities and supports Greater Indiana’s mission to advance alternative, domestic fueled transportation including energy-efficient technologies across all sectors in Indiana. Earlier this year, Kinetrex Energy earned Greater Indiana’s 2020 Alternative Fuel Leader Award for Liquified Natural Gas.

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