Hit the road with Drive Electric Ohio, Sustainably

Written by Malerie Holte

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Drive Electric Ohio has been working hard to create insightful and engaging ride and drive content, despite the roadblocks caused by COVID-19.

Our team, as well as partners of ours in the electric vehicle space, have put together some fun, virtual ride-and-drive content that explores different EV makes, models, charging setups and driving experiences.

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From Clean Fuels Ohio’s own Chevy Bolt to a Drive Electric Ohio volunteer’s Tesla Model 3, these EV drivers highlight the ins and out of these cutting-edge vehicles.

Join a ride and drive and interview with Ben Lachman, an EV owner in rural Athens County Ohio. Sarah Conley-Ballew of Rural Action talks with him about driving electric on rural roads and delves into some of the autonomous vehicles feature the latest Tesla software has to offer.

Check all their ride and drive content out now on Clean Fuels Ohio‘s Youtube channel.


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