Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. hosts open house

Written by: Rachel McCaffery, Clean Cities University Workforce Development Program intern


On Wednesday, Jan. 27, Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. invited fleets to their future headquarters and vehicle development facility in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

About 100 attendees wearing masks and social distancing attended the open house event. The event featured a short presentation each hour including a short overview of the team players and partners currently involved. Robert Grinstead, founder and chief technology officer at Zeus Electric Chassis, also provided a driving demo showing off the features of the vehicle.

Zeus Electric Chassis unveiled and demonstrated their first full electric, medium-duty work truck. The vehicle was designed for fleets with a number of unique features including an ergonomic “office space” in the cab and a telematics platform.

Zeus also custom-builds the vehicles to meet fleet operators’ needs.

For fleet operators concerned about the longevity of the all-electric work truck, Zeus offers several reassurances such as a 10+ year life for the cab and chassis as well as an 8+ year life on the Li-ion battery solution.

The vehicles have a range of roughly 160-180 miles before charging, depending on the options chosen. This vehicle fulfills the underserved niche of flatbeds and delivery trucks in the electric vehicle market.

“The Zeus truck chassis is very well designed. Designing the truck chassis from the ground up to be electric gives it a lot of advantages,” Jukka Kukkonen, chief EV educator and strategist at Shift2Electric, said. “We will see a lot of growth in this market and Zeus is well-positioned to compete.”


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