Lightning eMotors, Denver Metro host EV Ride & Drive

Lightning eMotors’ Ford Transit 350HD Class 3 passenger van.

Lightning eMotors provides fleets with high-quality electric commercial vehicles, services and charging solutions. They add their electric drivetrain to popular vehicle chassis to provide their customers with zero-emissions options on platforms they are familiar with, including passenger vans, cargo vans and trucks and even city transit buses. Lightning, along with Denver Metro Clean Cities, recently hosted a socially distanced Ride & Drive at the newly upgraded fleet facility for the City of Broomfield, a suburb of Denver.

The Ride & Drive event showcased three Lightning vehicles – a Ford Transit 350HD Class 3 passenger van, a Ford E-450 Class 4 box truck and a GM 6500XD low cab forward Class 6 box truck. The event was attended by local city and corporate fleet representatives who enjoyed the chance to test out Lightning’s vehicles.

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The reactions from people after each test drive were a mix of satisfaction and excitement. The quiet, smooth ride was a big talking point among the attendees, as was the efficiency of the regenerative braking. All the vehicles had a phenomenal turning radius, especially given their size.

A peak underneath Lightning eMotors’ Ford E-450 Class 4 box truck.

Overall, everyone was very impressed by the engineering and capabilities of each vehicle and how helpful the Lightning team was. The City of Broomfield put the Lightning box truck up on their new lift to give their mechanics and technical staff an opportunity to see the placement and design of components like the batteries and motor and Lightning explained the safety features of each.

The process of electrifying vehicles may sound simple, but in practice, it is very involved and challenging. From research and development to vehicle assembly, building efficient, safe and reliable EVs takes a lot of work from many different people working in various disciplines.

Lightning eMotors’ GM 6500XD low cab forward Class 6 box truck.

Every aspect of the manufacturing process is crucial to the successful development of these vehicles and extensive testing is done to ensure safety and efficiency standards are met. Lightning understands the importance of reliable fleet transportation and works hard to ensure every vehicle is working properly and maximizing efficiencies.

They also support their customers through Lightning Analytics, made possible by telematics devices installed in every vehicle. The service allows Lightning to monitor the vehicles to assess the health of every EV and help fleet managers understand the performance of their vehicles.

Lightning eMotors recently released a video to dive deeper into what the electrification process really looks like and to give their customers a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes.

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