DRIVE Electric USA partners show program progress


The DRIVE Electric USA project is a multi-state initiative to develop a plan to create branded, electric vehicle focused programs for each individual state as a means of outreach, education and encourage EV adoption for the future.

According to the DRIVE Electric USA website, “The project runs from October 2020 through December 2023 and is comprised of a group of diverse stakeholders, including Clean Cities Coalitions from fourteen states, electric vehicle and EVSE OEMs, and other committed partners who are dedicated to raising awareness and adoption of EVs across the United States.”

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In the first six months of the “DRIVE Electric USA” project (DRIVE, U.S. Department of Energy-funded), 10 of the program’s 14 partner coalitions/states have completed some aspects of the plan for their “drive electric” statewide initiatives. Some states have completed their logos, websites and social media accounts, while others have completed a few of these tasks. The two program leads, Drive Electric Tennessee and Drive Electric Ohio, finished their program planning before initially launching the program.

Drive Electric Alabama: Alabama’s program has started their program with a logo similar to the one used by the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition as well as a page dedicated to the program on their website.

Drive Electric Colorado: Colorado’s program has completed their logo, website and a full-range of active social media accounts.

Drive Electric Florida: Florida’s program has also completed their logo, website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Drive Electric Georgia: Georgia’s program has a completed website, logo, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Unlike other state’s programs, Drive Electric Georgia has also created a LinkedIn profile to promote the initiative!

Drive Electric Louisiana: Do you enjoy electric vehicle jokes and memes? The Drive Electric Louisiana Instagram page is known to post EV news along with funny memes to make EV enthusiasts laugh. Along with an active Instagram page, the program has completed their logo, website, Facebook and Twitter.

Plug-In North Carolina: North Carolina’s program has a completed logo, website and full-range of social media accounts. Their website includes a fuel-savings calculator on the front page to show how much money people could be saving by driving an EV.

Drive Electric Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania’s program has a completed logo and Instagram account. Their website has been created, and the full, finished website will be revealed soon.

Drive Electric Utah: Utah’s program has a completed website, logo and a full-range of social media accounts.

Virginia EV: Virginia’s program has a completed logo and a page on the Virginia Clean Cities website for all things EV.

Drive Electric Wisconsin: Wisconsin’s program has a completed logo and page on the Wisconsin Clean Cities website. For social media accounts, Drive Electric Wisconsin will join forces with the Wisconsin Clean Cities accounts.

Drive Electric Kansas and Drive Electric Missouri: The Kansas and Missouri programs are working together under the “Electrify Heartland” brand. Their logos are similar, and the two will be sharing EV updates and news on the Electrify Heartland website.

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