Clean Fuels Ohio launches Transportation Solutions Showcase

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Clean Fuels Ohio, a Central Ohio-based non-profit and clean transportation advocate, launches its Transportation Solutions Showcase in July 2021.

The organization identified a need for a new way to share information when it became abundantly clear that the pandemic, and its consequences, would extend much longer than expected.

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“We know that there is wide-spread webinar fatigue and we’ve heard the general sentiment that virtual conferences are not an adequate substitute for in-person programming,” Rachel Ellenberger, Director of Business Development and Communications for Clean Fuels Ohio, said. “We owe it to our audience to listen to their feedback and protect their health and wellbeing by not gathering until it’s safe to do so. It’s why we came up with the idea of the Showcase; we can run this showcase for months, stock it with content, and focus on making the connections that move our industry forward.”

The Transportation Solutions Showcase will take the form of a resource hub available directly through the organization’s website. The hub is free to access and audience members are encouraged to check back regularly as content will be continuously added.

Fleet managers, site-hosts, policymakers and more can expect content to answer two central questions: “Why is this important?” and “How can I make this change?”

Content will be directly sourced from Clean Fuels Ohio’s programs, partners and membership base. Videos, interviews, one-pagers, slide decks and more will be available on-demand to interested audiences and Clean Fuels Ohio’s staff will be available for support and to make connections. The team is also exploring in-person programming options.

“Official guidelines are showing us that it is becoming more and more safe to gather in person again,” Ellenberger said. “We want to capitalize on that. We know people are itching to meet face to face again and we want to give our audience the opportunity to do so. We’ll have more updates as we continue to explore our options, but we hope that everyone takes the opportunity to explore our virtual content in the meantime.”


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