Mustang Mach-E Road Trip: Denver to Santa Fe

Two people stand taking a selfie in front of their blue Ford Mustang Mach-E electric vehicle. The car is parked in front of three green and white tall DC Fast Charging units.

Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition program Drive Electric Colorado recently featured travelers Patrick and Liv’s Mach-E EV road trip adventure. Here they discuss their lessons learned and tips for other EV drivers thinking about embarking on their own electrified travels this summer:

Many first-time EV owners are not sure if road trips are doable in an electric vehicle. They might have reservations about charging time, where to stop, how to plan a route and other concerns.

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Patrick and Liv, YouTube vloggers who run the channel Mach-E Vlog, recently purchased a Ford Mustang Mach-E and took it on a road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We spoke with them to hear about their experience with their new car and received some helpful travel tips as well.

Patrick and Liz had been thinking about buying an electric vehicle for a while but decided on the Mach-E upon viewing it at an auto show for the first time. They put in their reservation for the all-wheel-drive, extended-range model the same day.

They started their YouTube channel shortly after and received their car on March 2, 2021, which they lovingly named the Electric Blucifer.

The road trip began on May 15, 2021. In preparation, they had planned their route using the car’s internal planner as well as A Better Routeplanner, an assisted planning tool that allows you to map your route and choose from available charging stations based on the specific range of your car’s make and model.

They left Denver with a full charge and arrived at Trinidad, Colorado with 26%, charging for 50 minutes to get back up to 84%. Next was a stop at Wagon Mound, New Mexico where they only charged for 20 minutes and arrived in Santa Fe with a 35% charge.

Patrick and Liv used DC fast-charging stations and noted that charging was easy and provided them the opportunity to stretch their legs and get some food at convenient locations along their route. Although they were not in a rush to get to Santa Fe, they never had to wait for charging to be completed – rather, the car was waiting for them because they often wanted longer breaks.

In addition, the Electric Blucifer enticed people to stop by and ask questions at every stop, allowing Patrick and Liv the opportunity to speak about the benefits of an electric vehicle while their car was juicing up.

While in Santa Fe, they were able to charge at a Level 2 station in a parking garage downtown as they walked around.

Despite taking side trips around the Santa Fe area, Patrick and Liv were never worried about their car’s range or the ability to locate charging stations. Leaving for the Denver area on May 18, 2021, they stopped at Wagon Mound, New Mexico to charge for 20 minutes, Trinidad for 25 minutes and an extra bonus stop in Fountain for 15 minutes.

Their driving time to and from Santa Fe was actually no different than previous road trips they’d taken in a gas-powered car. Both trips averaged around 7.5 hours including pit stops for the bathroom, lunch, leisure and fueling up.

Patrick and Liv found it easier to road trip in their Mach-E because of the driving assist feature which made the drive itself more pleasant. In addition, they enjoyed driving clean and knowing that they were doing something better for the environment.

They shared some tips for drivers who may feel cautious about taking their electric vehicle on a road trip:

  1. Don’t worry too much! A road trip in an electric vehicle should be a fun experience.
  2. Make a plan using a route planner, like A Better Route Planner or PlugShare.
  3. Take advantage of your charging stops. Don’t underestimate how much time you may want for breaks, especially if you’ve been driving for a long time.
  4. A backup plan is always a good idea. Finding some alternate charging stations or routes may ease your mind if you’re stressed about range anxiety.
  5. Keep in mind that it will take some time to get used to feeling comfortable driving longer ranges than usual. Know that technology will continue improving, making road trips easier in the future.

Find Patrick and Liv on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.


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