Drive Electric Colorado joins the Global EV Alliance

DE-CO joins as one of the first members of the international EV organization


DENVER, CO – Drive Electric Colorado announced its official membership in the Global EV Alliance, the newly formed multinational, grassroots non-profit organization that collects best practices, inspiration and information from EV driver associations and their members to help inform and inspire each other to accelerate electric mobility in their own regions/countries and worldwide.

“Drive Electric Colorado’s membership in the Global EV Alliance provides access to EV inspiration and resources on a global scale. Through the Global EV Alliance’s international research on policies and EV information such as consumer protection through direct sales legislation, vehicle rebates and tax credits, charging interoperability and more, Drive Electric Colorado will be able to leverage this knowledge to impact Colorado,” Bonnie Trowbridge, Executive Director of Drive Electric Colorado, said. “In addition, the EV Global Alliance focuses on fleet electrification efforts for car-sharing programs which is a central emphasis for Drive Electric Colorado.”

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“The Global EV Alliance welcomes Drive Electric Colorado to our membership and on behalf of all of our members looks forward to creating productive and meaningful relationships to benefit our collective effort of EV transition globally,” Ellen Hiep, the Global EV Alliance, said.

Bringing the global EV community’s resources to Colorado consumers will continue to drive Drive Electric Colorado’s mission forward to provide the best information for the EV-curious to help them make informed alternative transportation choices.

DE-CO’s partner organizations will also reap the benefits of shared research, data and best practices to help move Colorado into a cleaner fuel future. 

About the Global EV Alliance

The Global EV Alliance is a network of national electric vehicle drivers’ associations from around the globe. We facilitate global collaboration on best practices, education, and other EV-related initiatives. We believe that zero-emission mobility is necessary to combat climate change. Our goal is a planet where all transportation is sustainable, clean, and electric!


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