Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office adds all-electric car to fleet

Written by: Leah Schoolcraft,


PITTSBURGH — The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office unveiled the newest addition to its fleet, an all-electric 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E.

The vehicle, which is detailed to the Civil Division, can travel nearly 210 miles off of one charge. Much like the Mustang, the vehicle has a sleek feel to it.

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The all-wheel-drive version, which was obtained by the sheriff’s office, will be able to endure a Pittsburgh winter.

In addition to the vehicle running green, the cost to purchase the Mach-E was considerably cheaper than a typical police vehicle. Furthermore, the upkeep of these vehicles is nearly 90% less per year.

Because the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E lacks a typical engine, there is very minor preventative/corrective maintenance to keep an electronic vehicle on the road. The sheriff’s office plans to purchase a second Mach-E in 2022.

The agency is dedicated to eliminating its carbon footprint and hopes to eventually make the entire fleet electric. The sheriff’s office is also seeking to potentially acquire solar-powered charging stations for the future.

Sheriffs have said other departments are looking to follow in their tire tracks.

The expectation among the sheriff’s office is each electric vehicle will save at least $26,000 in fuel and maintenance costs.

Sheriffs have said other departments are looking to follow in their tire tracks.

“We’re the only ones in the state that have this capability,” Lt. Conor Mullen said. “There’s a lot of police departments that have already reached out to us interested in knowing and sharing our data of how this vehicle performs.”

“It is great the Allegheny County Police were at our 2021 Odyssey Day Event wanting to drive the Mach E and now they have one in their fleet and expecting another one in the coming months. Our Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald stated in their 2022 budget that they plan more electric vehicles,” Rick Price, Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities’, Executive Director, said. “I would suspect that now that the county has purchased one it won’t be long before the City of Pittsburgh purchases one.”

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