EAVX debuts collaborative next generation commercial vehicles at Work Truck Week 2022

The innovation-focused business unit of JB Poindexter makes an inaugural appearance at NTEA’s premier industry event. This article is a part of FuelsFix's 2022 Work Truck Week coverage.


INDIANAPOLIS, March 8, 2022 – EAVX, a business unit of JB Poindexter & Co (JBPCO) which collaborates with advanced electric and alternative power chassis producers as well as the most innovative technology partners announced during their Work Truck Week debut. EAVX’s presence will include an interactive design studio that asks conference attendees the question: “What’s your next?”

This studio will illustrate the enterprise-wide collaboration occurring within the JBPCO family of businesses. The design studio will serve as an innovation hub at the conference, providing a location for industry experts and peers to meet and propel conversations around the future of commercial vehicles, while also discussing concrete applications and utilization of the latest technology concepts.

“The EAVX team is on a mission to create the next generation of commercial vehicles by integrating body and chassis with leading-edge technology and innovation,” Mark Hope, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager at EAVX, said. “We strive to be at the forefront of design, manufacturing and serviceability of the work truck industry by leveraging the resources of JBPCO and collaborating with industry leaders in electric- and alternative-power chassis and technology suppliers. Together, we are transforming the world’s largest fleets for a more sustainable future.”

Onsite JBPCO collaboration examples include Reading Truck with Zeus Electric Chassis, and Morgan Truck Body vehicles on electric chassis with EAVX technology upfitted within.

Showcasing a wide variety of its next-generation technology for the work truck industry, EAVX will illustrate firsthand how these innovative concepts can be implemented into their VX Control system, the technology infrastructure of each vehicle.

Among technologies integrated into the multiplexed system, attendees can expect to experience 360-degree camera systems, digital rearview and side-view mirrors and an RFID tool finder, a system that provides a dashboard notification when a user has left work truck items at a job site.

“As the innovation hub of JBPCO, EAVX is collaborating with chassis manufacturers and technology suppliers across our business enterprise to optimize the design and manufacture of next-generation commercial vehicles,” John Poindexter, CEO and Chairman at JBPCO, said. “EAVX’s holistic approach to integration, deployment and serviceability empowers customers to meet higher standards for sustainability and performance—transforming the road ahead.”

To keep up with the latest industry news, learn more about EAVX or how the company is innovating the work truck industry, visit jbpoindexter.com/eavx.

About EAVX

EAVX, the newest business unit and a subsidiary of JB Poindexter & Co, collaborates with the most advanced electric and alternative power chassis producers, allowing chassis partners to focus on their revolutionary and proprietary technologies. EAVX and the individual business units of JBPCO are the integration bodybuilders of choice for chassis producers serving present and future EV and alternative fuel markets and advanced vehicle technology markets. Visit jbpoindexter.com/eavx for more information.

About JB Poindexter & Co

JB Poindexter & Co is a portfolio of businesses that provide best-in-class commercial automotive and manufacturing goods and services. The company applies innovative operational and financial disciplines to truck and van bodies, pickup truck covers and accessories, industrial vehicle storage and shelving, funeral coaches, limousines, specialty industrial parts and expandable foam packaging. The portfolio of industry-leading business units includes Morgan Truck Body, Morgan Olson, Reading, Truck Accessories Group, EFP Corporation, Specialty Vehicle Group, MIC Group, Masterack and EAVX. For more information, visit JBPoindexter.com or LinkedIn.


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