SPONSORED: B20 Club shares best practices for biodiesel

Written by: Illinois Soybean Association. This article is sponsored by the B20 Club of Illinois and the American Lung Association.


The Illinois Soybean Association produced a biodiesel fleet user guide titled, “Doing Better Business: The What, Why & How of Biodiesel Fleet Success” with the hopes of teaching fleets across Illinois and the U.S. about the advantages of using the alternative fuel.

As the guide states, “From the state’s [Illinois] economic incentives to better engine performance and cleaner air, today’s biodiesel offers bottom-line benefits that can give you the edge you need. If you are not yet using a biodiesel blend or are considering increasing the biodiesel blend you already use, this guide can help you start doing better business with biodiesel.”

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This guide hits on key areas that fleet owners and managers need to know when considering a switch to biodiesel such as biodiesel basics, state and federal incentives and credits for using the fuel, information about biodiesel blends, management of the product and more.

What are the benefits of biodiesel according to this guide?

  • Power & Performance
  • Compatibility
  • Energy Security
  • Local Economy
  • Air Quality & Health
  • Environment

Check out the full guide using the link below:



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