Centralina Clean Fuels shares CNG success story


MacLeod Construction: CNG Success

Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition encourages people to join Bob MacLeod on a virtual tour of MacLeod Construction as he explains how they utilize compressed natural gas (CNG) to power part of their construction fleet and ensure project sites receive concrete in a more environmentally friendly way. 

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The MacLeod fleet contains 35 vehicles, including 15 CNG cement trucks. They are in the process of purchasing more CNG vehicles to expand their fleet. 

Hear from North and South Carolina regional experts including Norm Scott of Nuovo Energy and Ben Kessler, former Coordinator for Palmetto Clean Fuels Coalition as they outline the benefits of CNG for fleets.

Learn more about MacLeod Construction and how compressed natural gas can benefit your fleet in the MacLeod Construction Alternative Fuel Fleet Success Video


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