RYSE Aero Technologies debuts ‘RYSE RECON’ at ACT Expo

This article is a part of FuelsFix's 2022 ACT Expo coverage.


CINCINNATI, OH – RYSE Aero Technologies announced today the launch of RYSE RECON, the company’s first electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) platform. The RYSE RECON made its debut at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, California.

With the debut of the RECON, RYSE Aero Technologies looks to re-define the eVTOL space by venturing into untapped markets, such as agronomy, land surveying, agriculture, vineyards, and other rural sectors.

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“We are excited to be at ACT Expo and introduce to the world the RYSE RECON. Our team has been hard at work designing the most reliable and safest eVTOL vehicle in the ultralight class,” Mick Kowitz, RYSE Aero Technologies CEO, said. “We created the RECON as a vehicle for people with a purpose – those whose job can be done better with flight.”

Slated to be delivered to customers in January 2023, key features of the RYSE RECON include:

  • Up to a 25-mile range
  • Up to 63 MPH top speed per Part 103 specifications
  • The ability to operate on both land and water
  • Ability to be easily mass-produced, while maintaining low-cost maintenance
  • Operation within the specifications of 14 CFR, Part 103
  • Six independent propulsion systems with independent, removable batteries
  • Rugged use agriculture, ranching, vineyard and any place where it would otherwise be difficult to reach

RECON’s structure was developed in accordance with RYSE’s mission to “make flight accessible to all.”

The patent-pending removable battery and vehicle operation systems were designed to be operated by an individual with minimal training, featuring advanced artificial intelligence and simple control systems. Due to RECON’s modular design, it can be configured in a variety of ways, and in its future configurations will offer fixed-wing options and design variations, all while retaining standardized flight controls.

RYSE Aero Technologies’ Director of Regulatory Affairs and Aeronautics Erik Stephansen said, “A key differentiation of the RECON is its ability for an operator without extensive training to operate the device over any terrain, whether it be to locate a lost calf, or be of assistance to a lost boater. “Our battery packs are specially designed to work like your box store electric lawnmowers, they are removable and rechargeable so you can have spare sets.”

Former executives of the automotive and aviation industries fund and manage the team of engineers that provide advanced systems and artificial intelligence expertise embedded into the flight controls to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight experience.

For more information on RYSE, and to watch their RECON launch videos, go to www.RYSEAeroTech.com. For more details on the ACT Expo, go to www.actexpo.com. Please direct all additional inquiries to our sales department at sales@RYESEAeroTech.com, and follow them on social via InstagramTwitter, & TikTok.


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