Clean Fuels Ohio joins Energy Coalition of Ohio for 2022 conference

Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) is partnering with the Energy Coalition of Ohio to host Ohio’s only consumer-focused energy conference.


Every September, the Clean Fuels Ohio (CFO) team hosts their Midwest Green Transportation Forum & Expo (MWGT), but this year’s plans are bigger and better.

“As we began planning for this year’s MWGT event, it seemed like we could do something extra special to celebrate our 20th anniversary,” Phil La Susa, Executive Director of Clean Fuels Ohio, said. “When we met with the team at the Energy Coalition of Ohio to talk about their conference, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to form a partnership.”

That led to an exciting shift. The teams decided to replace this year’s MWGT event scheduled for September with a joint event happening in November — the 2022 Ohio Energy Conference.

“The Ohio Energy Conference is Ohio’s only consumer-focused energy conference,” Denis George, Steering Committee Member for the Energy Coalition of Ohio, said. “Ohio has the potential to become a national leader in clean energy, but only if we have adequate resources and information to advance energy policy in the direction that the rest of the nation is heading.”

The 2022 Ohio Energy Conference — happening November 15 and 16 — will feature public and private leaders from Ohio’s energy sector who will share what is on the horizon for energy procurement, policy, management, and more. In addition to top national speakers and presenters, Dr. Brian Anderson, Director of the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) of the Department of Energy (DOE), will serve as the keynote speaker. Dr. Anderson is also the Executive Director of the White House The Interagency Working Group on Coal and Power Plant Communities and Economic Revitalization.

“All of our members and sponsors who were planning to join the MWGT event are invited to transfer their participation to the Ohio Energy Conference,” La Susa said. “We believe creating this event with even more reach, more networking, and more resources is a great advantage to our members and sponsors.”

The event is open to the public and is focused on consumer energy education, advancement, and impact. To purchase tickets or learn more information about the 2022 Ohio Energy Conference hosted by the Energy Coalition of Ohio in partnership with Clean Fuels Ohio, visit:

Clean Fuels Ohio is a nonprofit organization and national Clean Cities coalition that works to support energy and economic security through partnerships that advance affordable, efficient, and environmentally beneficial domestic transportation fuels, technologies, and mobility systems. They are among the top of nearly 100 coalitions that provide unbiased resources and information to stakeholders that give insight on transportation options that will allow organizations to achieve their goals around alternative fuels, sustainability, fuel-savings strategies, and mobility solutions. For more information about Clean Fuels Ohio visit:


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