PERC celebrates inaugural National Propane Day

Increase efficiency, lower emissions with propane

The backend of a white vehicle is pictured with a propane sticker beneath the red taillight.

WASHINGTON, October 3, 2022 – The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is celebrating its inaugural National Propane Day on October 7, 2022. PERC is observing National Propane Day as an opportunity to recognize the propane industry and celebrate all the benefits propane offers, including for transportation directors and fleet owners.

“Whether you’re transporting students safely to and from school, working to make sure goods are delivered on time, or providing a clean ride for the community, propane autogas is the sustainable energy source to achieve all of these goals,” Steve Whaley, director of autogas business development at PERC, said. “Propane autogas is energy for everyone, and we are proud to celebrate that in communities around the nation on National Propane Day and beyond.”

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Thousands of fleet owners and transportation directors choose propane autogas to power their vehicles or school bus fleets every day. It is an ideal energy source for medium-duty (class 3-7) vehicles that need a range of up to 400 miles per day and the ability to carry a heavier payload, all while significantly reducing emissions.

Today’s propane autogas engines are 90% cleaner than mandated EPA standards, with effectively zero particulate matter emissions and 96% fewer nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions than clean diesel engines. The propane engines are certified to the optional ultra-low NOx emissions standard as defined by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for heavy-duty engines with 0.02 grams per brake horsepower hour.

As an affordable solution, propane autogas also provides fleets with the lowest total cost of ownership. According to a survey of fleet end users published in the State of Sustainable Fleets 2021 Market Brief, a majority of respondents found the affordability of propane autogas vehicles to be equal to or better than diesel and gasoline based on fuel cost (82%), maintenance cost (68%), and total cost of ownership (67%). The survey also found propane autogas is the most popular alternative fuel for a school bus, paratransit, shuttle, and delivery vehicle fleets, with over 50% of fleet operators choosing propane autogas vehicles over compressed natural gas, battery electric, and fuel cell electric vehicles.

“Propane autogas is abundant and available today to provide fleets with the environmental sustainability they want and the financial sustainability they need,” said Whaley. “We invite fleet owners to take the time on National Propane Day to learn how this clean energy source can benefit their fleet.”

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