Drive Clean Colorado publishes Low Emission Smart Areas workbook


Over the past months, Drive Clean Colorado has partnered with organizations across the state and country to create a workgroup focused on the creation and implementation of Low Emission Smart Areas (LESA).

Through workgroup sessions, they were able to create a workbook highlighting discussions, lessons learned and best practices, aiming to provide a blueprint for future LESA projects.

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In this workbook, anyone can find the blueprint and key findings, case studies from workgroup presentations and information on important partners for future LESA project implementation.

Throughout the LESA workgroup sessions, Drive Clean Colorado and partners discussed key challenges within curb management and clean mobility including increasing deliveries and curb use; limited and static curb space; congestion, safety and air pollution; equity and environmental justice; clean mobility access; electric vehicle charging gaps; and education and awareness.

Please find the full workbook here. 

Drive Clean Colorado hopes this serves as a useful tool for future pilot projects in Colorado municipalities and in communities across the nation.


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