Driving Towards a Cleaner Future: Key Takeaways from the Electric School Bus Webinar


On May 23rd, Drive Clean Colorado had the pleasure of hosting our Electric School Bus Webinar: Acknowledging Barriers and Providing a Path Forward, which was sponsored by Blue Bird. A need for this solution-oriented workshop had been identified given the growing interest in electric school buses the multiple funding opportunities that are currently available. 

The webinar identified common barriers that districts may have in adopting an electric school bus fleet, and our panel of industry leaders then met these barriers with discussion and solutions.

Panel speakers included:

This webinar served as an all-encompassing path to success for electric school bus adoption and provided school districts with information and solutions related to ESB funding opportunities, infrastructure needs, and development in thorough discussions with fleets and government agencies. While each if our panelist brought unique knowledge and experience to the conversation, there were a few overarching takeaways that were identified:

  1. Don’t underestimate Level 2 charging! Our speakers brought up the fact that L2 charging can sustain the majority of necessary charging for your electric school bus fleet.
    1. Buildout your white fleet first. Starting with a white fleet can be easier due to vehicles being more readily available. This allows time for infrastructure buildout in preparation for a future yellow fleet as well!
    1.  Develop a buildout and routing plan. You can begin assessing your fleet to optimize electrification investment prior to the purchase of a bus. Steps include age assessment of your current fleet; required maintenance cost; required routes and more.
    1. Begin your transition with the help of Drive Clean Colorado! We are offering one-on-one coaching for districts to make electric buses a viable option for all. Visit our website or contact emily@drivecleanco.org for more information.

If you couldn’t join us at the webinar and would like to hear the full discussion on Acknowledging Barriers and Providing a Path Forward for electric school bus adoption, you can find a recording of the webinar here.  Please also visit our new ESB webpage to find the resources provided by our panel speakers during the webinar, ESB funding opportunities, and more.

We are so excited about a cleaner future for our students! Please reach out to us with any questions. 

Emily Harris | ESB Project Coordinator | emily@drivecleanco.org


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