North Florida Clean Cities EV Survey


The North Florida Clean Fuels Coalition conducted a survey of current EV drivers, those considering an EV for their next vehicle and non-EV drivers who are not considering an EV. One of the findings was that some segments of the public feel like EVs are being pushed on them and would prefer a balanced approach to information from a variety of sources. View the survey results.

The Coalition produced four videos featuring “real life” experts – EV drivers, an instructor, certified technican and car dealer. The videos cover the following topics, and each video is posted below as well as on the Coalition website:

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  • Drive Electric: EV drivers talk about why they chose EVs and describe their experiences
  • Hybrid Overview: For those concerned about going all-electric, an automotive technology college professor explains hybrids
  • Battery Maintenance: A certified EV technician goes under the car to discuss maintenance and batteries
  • Dealer’s Perspective: A mulit-brand dealer discusses EV trends 


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