Optimus Technologies, B100 continue helping DC Water reduce emissions

This article was sponsored by Optimus Technologies.

Photo by: DC Water

DC Water (District of Columbia Water Authority) recently took delivery of their first off-the assembly-line Optimus Technologies/B100 powered vehicle and the first-ever Optimus Technologies/B100 powered air and water vacuum excavation truck. 

This vehicle is one of twelve new B100 vehicles purchased by DC Water through a DERA (Diesel Emissions Reductions Act) grant. Optimus Technologies has upgraded ten existing DC Water vehicles to run on carbon-reducing B100.

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Optimus Technologies’ dual-fuel system enables diesel engines to operate on 100% biodiesel reliably and dependably, even in cold temperatures. B100 is an affordable alternative fuel available across the country today. It provides an immediate solution to lowering emissions in sectors such as transportation and construction without large infrastructure investments.

These 12 B100 vehicles will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 76%, or 98.3 metric tons, according to DC Water. The emissions of particulate matter, which are known to cause asthma, cancer, and other lung issues, are lowered by 97% when switching from diesel to B100.

Why B100 Today?

Switching from petroleum-based diesel to B100 is a cost-effective way to lower carbon emissions today and lowers America’s dependence on imported oil.

Other low-carbon alternatives such as hydrogen and electric vehicles are either not ready for deployment in the heavy-diesel industry, not supported by a reliable fuel or charging station network, or not affordable for fleets.

Optimus Technologies’ Vector System allows diesel engines to run on B100 without requiring massive upfront capital investments.

Read the full press release here.


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