SPONSORED: First B100 powered vehicles delivering near-zero carbon emissions in California


Pittsburgh, PA, September 25, 2023 – Optimus Technologies, a diesel engine decarbonization company focused on the largest and most challenging sectors of the transportation industry, announced today that Valley Pacific Petroleum Services Inc. recently became the first fleet in California operating Optimus Technologies/B100 powered class 8 vehicles under a California Air Resources Board (CARB) executive order.

Optimus Technologies is the global leader enabling heavy-duty diesel engines to run reliably and dependably in all weather conditions on 100% biogenic fuel. “We are delighted that there are now heavy-duty vehicles using B100 in California – a state that leads the nation in emissions control, and where the use of biomass-based clean fuels recently surpassed the use of diesel – as this is a viable solution to immediately help reduce carbon emissions” said Colin Huwyler, Founder and CEO of Optimus Technologies.

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According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, vehicles using B100 instead of petroleum diesel reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 95%. Data from the DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory indicates that total lifecycle carbon emissions from B100 powered vehicles are considerably less than electric (BEV) and hydrogen (FCEV) solutions.

Nathan Crum, President and CEO of Valley Pacific said, “We are thrilled to be the first fleet in California using Optimus Technologies’ bolt-on advanced fuel system to run near-zero carbon emissions vehicles powered by B100. The ability to use B100 in heavy-duty vehicles will accelerate the growth of biomass-based clean fuels in California leading to fewer emissions and cleaner air. The positive experiences shared by the companies and municipalities in other states already using Optimus Technologies/B100 made our decision to upgrade part of our fleet, an easy one.”

Optimus Technolgies and B100 provide fleets with heavy-duty assets an immediate pathway to achieving carbon neutrality. Unlike electric (BEV) and hydrogen (FCEV) solutions, Optimus Technologies/B100 is already in use at scale with leading private and municipal fleets. These Optimus Technolgies/B100 powered operational assets are currently exceeding their 2030 CO2 emission reduction targets.

About Optimus Technologies

Optimus Technologies was founded with the goal of combatting climate change by decarbonizing transportation and heavy industry through a dependable, practical, and economically feasible solution that does not require massive infrastructure development. www.optimustec.com

About Valley Pacific Petroleum Services Inc.

Since 1947, Valley Pacific has supplied high-quality, competitively priced fuels and lubricants throughout California. Located throughout the state’s agricultural and rural belts in the Central Valley, Central Coast, and the North Coast, Valley Pacific is one of the state’s largest fuels marketers. www.valleypacific.com

About B100

B100 is a high-level biofuel blend consisting of 99.9 percent biodiesel and 0.1 percent petroleum diesel. Contact: Lori Dunn at media@optimustec.com


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