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The Fuels Fix is an alternative fuels news and stories website and monthly newsletter made possible by the East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition with contributions by DOE Clean Cities programs across the country and their hardworking partners.



Fuels Fix has been published since 2008 as a quarterly e-zine, but in 2018 it was switched to an alternative fuel news website with more frequent emails to subscribers (now the subscriber newsletter comes monthly). There are over 800 direct subscribers to our monthly e-mail, Fuels Fix Monthly, and our Twitter account (@FuelsFix) is a main thrust of our social media work to expand alternative fuel stories information and readership. Most of our readers are in some way related to one of the 90 U.S. DOE Clean Cities Program coalitions that span San Diego to Portland, Maine, and Western Washington (state) to Southeast Florida. Readers include public and private fleet managers and maintenance staff; local, state, and federal government representatives; utility fleets; fuel suppliers; faculty and staff from higher education; related industry representatives; and other Clean Cities Coalition stakeholders from a broad spectrum of businesses.  

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