blossman gas

Blossman Gas acquires A & A Gas in Georgia

April 28th Bowdon, GA – Blossman Gas, Inc., the largest privately held propane company in the US, hasacquired A & A Gas...
alliance autogas partner

Alliance AutoGas partner converts entire fleet to propane autogas

4/16/20 – Houston, TX – Green’s Blue Flame Gas Company is leading by example in the propane industry. In October of 2019,...
port authority

Port Authority debuts first two electric buses in regular service on 88-Penn route

Originally published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. At a quick glance, the two new Port Authority buses serving...

Top 10 electric car questions answered

InsideEVs contributor Tom Moloughney joins E for Electric to answer the most common questions about electric cars, including the cost, charging, environmental...
vicinity energy

Shift to alternative fuels at Vicinity Energy

Speaking at CampusEnergy2020, Bill DiCroce, CEO of Vicinity Energy, explains the company's plans to accelerate the use of alternative fuels in its...
propane fueled truck

U.S. Postal Service contractor to use propane-fueled Ford trucks

USPS contractor McAbee Trucking purchased eight propane fueled Ford F-750 delivery trucks that are contracted for parcel delivery routes between USPS locations...
propane school buses

Propane school buses for New Mexico’s 2020-2021 school year

MORIARTY, N.M. (February 19, 2020) — In a partnership with the New Mexico Public Education Department, Los Lunas Public Schools, Magdalena Municipal...

Yellowstone blog pt 1: 18 days on the Road by EV

1 Hi!  We’re Susan and Jack Goodwin, retirees, who decided to write a blog about our road...

Yellowstone blog pt 2: 18 days on the road by EV

Susan Goodwin continues her account of her and her husband's 18-day long road trip through Yellowstone by electric vehicle. Catch up with...
charge, jack and susan goodwin

Charge! 18 days on the road by electric vehicle

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” Yogi Berra For a...
renewable natural gas

Waste to Fuel: On the making of renewable natural gas

What is renewable natural gas? How is it made? Take a look into this growing renewable fuel option to learn what makes it clean and how it's created.
alliance autogas

Alliance AutoGas unveiled new technology at NTEA Work Truck Show

February 27th – Asheville, NC – Alliance AutoGas (AAG) will be unveiling its latest technology at the 20th Anniversary NTEA Work Truck...

Biodiesel and agriculture in 2020

More than two decades ago the biodiesel industry was born out of agriculture. In 2020, the two industries still work hand-in-hand in...

How propane autogas buses transform schools

Schools are choosing propane autogas school buses for two key reasons. Their low total cost-of-ownership compared with electric or diesel saves more...

Shell New Energy: Investments and projects on biomethane

Christian Cuenot, Business developer manager BioMethane, Shell New Energies Collected at 5th Future of Biogas Europe Summit –...
alternative fuels

Switch to alternative fuels: Scott Tinker

Scientists who work for the oil industry are now trying to find something that will replace oil. Dave Malkoff talks to former...

Triangle Clean Cities Coalition partnered to host two RNG workshops

This year, the Triangle Clean Cities Coalition partnered with the Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition to host two renewable natural gas (RNG) workshops at the Wake...
electric trailer for grocery delivery

Electric trailers replace dirty diesel in Northwest grocery fleets

Columbia-Willamette Keeping Your Food Cold with The Power of the Sun Under New Federal Grant to implement electric trailers in Northwest grocery...
vehicle electric

Advancing vehicle electrification through data collection and analysis

EV adoption is on the rise, creating a need for up-to-date national data on transportation electrification to help stakeholders better understand plug-in...

What do airlines committing to sustainable fuel mean for the future of transportation?

Aviation only accounts for 2.4% of global carbon emissions, however, with an increased demand for air travel, this number is quickly on...

UPS utilizes RNG to help reach sustainability goals

UPS says it has entered into multi-year renewable natural gas (RNG) agreements with Kinetrex Energy and TruStar Energy. Together, these two contracts will supply UPS with...
electric mowers in landscape industry

Displacing petroleum in the landscaping industry

Every January, Minneapolis is home to Northern Green, a tradeshow for a variety of outdoor professionals. Landscape contractors, parks and recreation managers,...
diesel buses

Why are we still putting our kids in diesel buses?

Diesel buses put asthma-sufferers at risk Nearly ten percent of American children have asthma. Think about that for...

Wisconsin Clean Cities’ The Electric Zone returned to Milwaukee Auto Show

MILWAUKEE — Wisconsin Clean Cities’ brought back The Electric Zone back to the Greater Milwaukee International Car and Truck Show, a display...

USDA seeks input on new Ethanol sales Infrastructure Incentive Program

WASHINGTON, Jan. 16, 2020 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking public input to help with the creation of the...
fuel stations

Clean, green fuel stations see brisk growth in Minnesota

SAINT PAUL, MINN. – The number of biofuel stations in Minnesota grew at a remarkable pace in 2019, according to the American...

Coming full circle

Few companies and individuals have had the impact on this industry as Pacific Biodiesel and the Kings. With its celebrity backing, Pacific...

Mid-Atlantic Biofuels Infrastructure Partnership (BIP)

In 2015, Virginia and Maryland responded to a funding opportunity from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) under the Biofuels Infrastructure Program...
clean cities coalitions vehicle charging project

Clean Cities Coalitions: EV charging for multi-unit dwellings

Although PEV adoption is accelerating nationwide, apartment and condominium residents face difficulties in access to plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations, a...
electric transit bus

Knoxville’s first electric transit bus

The local Knoxville community in Tennessee joined Knoxville Area Transit and other city leaders to see the first electric transit bus coming to KAT....
electric vehicle fees

Electric vehicle fees sweep the nation

States across the country are set to collect a fee on new ‘zero-emission’ vehicles starting July 1st . The electric vehicle fee...
electric charging

Need to find an electric charging station? Use Google Maps.

Google Maps just made owning an electric vehicle (EV) even easier by identifying electric charging stations. Users now...

Student uses black soldier fly larvae fat as a biofuel

Amelia from Pobailscoil Íosolde in Dublin explored the Black Soldier Fly. For this project Amelia investigated the calorific value of Black Soldier...

2020 is the year of biodiesel

From its environmental benefits to its cost-saving potential, there's simply never been a better time to switch to biodiesel.
support sustainable transportation

New year, new challenge to support sustainable transportation

The beginning of 2020 has many thinking about what our future might look like from a technological perspective. How can...

Indiana Soybean Alliance and Indiana Corn Marketing Council partner

The promotion of alternative fuels in Indiana is strong, thanks to a growing relationship between Greater Indiana Clean Cities and the Indiana Soybean Alliance...
biodiesel tour

The Big Apple Biodiesel Tour

Every December, the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) organizes the Big Apple Biodiesel Tour, inviting soybean farmers from across the country to New...
fuel tax credit

Historic alternative fuel tax credit

Clean fuel leaders are celebrating the passage of an alternative fuel tax credit extension by the U.S. Congress that will give funding...
greater chicago

Greater Chicago I-55 Truck Plaza promotes biodiesel

The Greater Chicago I-55 Truck Plaza was one of the first, family-owned and operated, independent truck plazas in the U.S. to start selling B11...

An interactive story on biofuels

Biofuels education in a classroom? Snooze fest. Biofuels education told as an interactive story. Alright, we’re listening. The Iowa Corn Promotion Board,...
hydrogen fuel cell

Collaboration on hydrogen fuel cell technology

Hyundai Motor Company and Cummins, two global powertrain leaders, announced their collaboration on hydrogen fuel cell technology.
light duty zero emission

Request released for light duty zero emission vehicle supply equipment

The Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC) is requesting feedback for recently released Request for Information (RFI). The RFI is for...

Empire Clean Cities features the LionC electric school bus

Evolv-Electric Transportation learns more about the LionC all-electric school bus at the Empire Clean Cities EV Festival 2018. In this video....

Meet GreenPower Motor Company

Evolv-Electric Transportation had a great talk with Ryne Shetterly of GreenPower Motor Company at the 2019 Empire Clean Cities Clean Vehicle Showcase....

The Switch Lab: A DIY electric vehicle

At Switch Vehicles, they manufacture a fun, sporty and safe Electric Vehicle created as a “build-it-yourself” kit for education. Their all-inclusive program is called...
electric car

A guide to understanding the electric car

The Electric Power Research Institute has released a comprehensive consumer guide for understanding the ins and outs of the electric car and...
going electric

New Flyer buses going electric

Watch how New Flyer, America's largest transit bus and motor coach manufacturer is going electric by building battery electric and hydrogen fuel...
transportation fuel

OPINION: Natural gas taking off as a transportation fuel

Discover the growing use and power of natural gas and why this transportation fuel is taking off. By Carl...

The single-fuel mentality needs to die. Our future depends on it.

You drive a car with gasoline or a truck with diesel. It's been that way since you were born, and this...
battery recycling

Battery Recycling Prize winners announced

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the 15 winners of Phase 1 of the Battery Recycling Prize, a prize that aims...
alliance autogas

Alliance AutoGas secures first patent for the LPG Evacuation Pump

November 4th, 2019 – Swannanoa, NC – Alliance AutoGas, an alternative fuel company based in Asheville, NC, has just received their first...
biodiesel production

Plant increases biodiesel production up to 12 million gallons annually

Local biodiesel company increases production capabilities by 30 percent, and broadens cooking oil recycling operations to include Southern California.

Oklahoma emerging as new leader in electric vehicle charging

Oklahoma is now the number one state to own an electric vehicle, according to With one of the lowest average electricity rates in...
electric transportation

Electric transportation in Utah

Watch Motorweek's John Davis discuss how Salt Lake City, Utah is implementing electric transportation solutions to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air...
propane buses

FLEETFIX: School district invests in propane buses and station

Challenge Henry County School’s concern with bus maintenance requirements led the district to replace an aging diesel fleet...
electric refueling station

First fully converted gas-to-electric refueling station in the US

ANNAPOLIS, MD—The nation’s first fully converted gas-to-electric refueling and service station for electric vehicles (EV) opened today in Montgomery County, Maryland. The...

Granite State Clean Cities Coalition participates in NDEW

It’s been a whirlwind two weeks for the Granite State Clean Cities Coalition (GSCCC) with participation in six National Drive Electric Week events, the...
revolution cng

Opportunity knocks for Revolution CNG

The year was 2009. The economy had tanked, leaving the racing engine manufacturing business owned by Keith and Mata Iaia of...
clean fueling

Kern County Superintendent of Schools celebrates 20 Years of clean fueling

Kern County Superintendent of Schools celebrates 20 years of clean fueling and promoting healthier and greener transportation for students.
B&N trucking

B&N Trucking leads the way in CNG

There is a new generation of trucks and trucking companies on the road. Trucks that create a greener footprint on our highways...
electric vehicle grant

Clean Fuels Ohio secures $300K electric vehicle grant

In July, Clean Fuels Ohio secured a $300,000 grant from Midwest based philanthropy, the Joyce Foundation, to use as an electric vehicle...
future of electric vehicles

The future of electric vehicles panel discussion at Greenspace

The future of electric vehicles was discussed over lunch. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — You may have been wondering what...
alternative fuel fleet

Alternative fuel fleet finding success with Alliance AutoGas

Alliance AutoGas worked with Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System on adding an alternative fuel fleet to their hospital.
fast charge stations

Fast charge stations solutions with Lightning Charging Solutions

Lightning Charging Solutions includes a comprehensive range of AC and DC fast charge stations for fleet electric vehicles
nyc biodiesel

NYC biodiesel featuring NYC Chief Fleet Officer

The National Biodiesel Board features NYC biodiesel by showing the NYC Chief Fleet Officer discussing biodiesel and Bioheat®'s impact across New York...

Senator Tammy Duckworth on EPA ethanol exemptions

The EPA ethanol exemptions has been a hot topic for some weeks now. "In August the EPA granted 31 more controversial waivers...
renewable natural gas facility

New Renewable Natural Gas facility in Indianapolis

A major Renewable Natural Gas facility is coming to Indianapolis. It will convert landfill gas into approximately 8 million gallons of RNG...
propane vs diesel

Propane VS diesel: Why fleets should make the switch

Propane vs diesel? Well, more and more school districts are choosing propane autogas service as a cleaner, more reliable fuel to power...
propane mowing

Propane mowing: Barnes Inc.

Barnes Inc. knows customers appreciate a company that can offer competitive prices with cleaner equipment. So, switching to propane mowing was just...

First Drive in an All Electric Mercedes

Mercedes is rolling their First ALL ELECTRIC SUV off the assembly lines. Dan and I got to test them out on the...
toyota prius prime

2018 Toyota Prius Prime review – Plug-In Hybrid

The Straight Pipes, an automotive content creator that makes new and used car reviews, challenges, as well as engine, intake, and exhaust...

Is Toyota finally serious about electric cars?

Toyota electric cars? Today Toyota announced that they'll be speeding up their electric car program but are they actually serious about it...
honda e prototype

SNEAK PEAK: Honda E Prototype

A small electric city car with a big personality. Take a closer look at the near-production-ready Honda E Prototype, an update of...
benefits of propane

Top 5 benefits of propane autogas buses

With August in full swing, kids across the country are embarking on another school year. As of last year, more than 900,000...
fs propane

Alliance AutoGas performs live conversion at FS Propane Summer Showcase

Alliance AutoGas (AAG) performed a live autogas conversion on a Ford F-250 at the inaugural FS Propane Summer Showcase this past June...
bus grant

Transit and shuttle bus grant funding available

$16,000,000 in EMT funding for a transit and shuttle bus grant is available for eligible Class 4-8 Transit and Shuttle Bus projects.
electric vehicle culture

OPINION: Could electric vehicles change culture

Carl Lisek, Executive Director of South Shore Clean Cities, discusses how electric vehicles change culture and impact our modern day society....
ev bike

EV Bike: University of Virginia pilots an electric bike

University of Virginia (UVA) in August 2019 began a pilot for an EV bike for on campus activities.  This vehicle replaces a...
school bus grant

Electric school bus grant

On Thursday, August 29th 2019, Dominion Energy and Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam announced a school bus grant to provide Virginia schools with 1,000+...
electric school bus

The largest electric school bus initiative in the US

– Zero-emissions electric school buses will improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions– School districts will pay no added cost, see reduced operational...
kids school bus

Study proves propane buses lower harmful NOx emissions

With back to school time happening across the country, it was exciting to read the recent headline, “West Virginia University Study Finds...
low emission buses

Student test scores improve with low emissions buses

Article Written by: Ty Tagami, The Atlanta Journal Constitution For decades, schools have put their students on...
clean electric vehicles

Clean electric vehicles showcased in Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – This week, gasoline taxes in Alabama went up six cents a gallon. The costs of maintaining cars and trucks,...
electric vehicle education

Electric vehicle education event in La Crosse, Wisconsin

LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN –Slipstream, Wisconsin Clean Cities and Xcel Energy collaborated for an electric vehicle education session followed by an electric vehicle...

State EPA funds in Tennessee help CMCSS improve air quality

East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition met with the vehicle maintenance manager at Clarksville-Montgomery County School System Bus Facilities to talk about their...

State EPA funds in Tennessee help put propane on the road

East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition met with the vehicle maintenance manager at Clarksville-Montgomery County School System Bus Facilities to talk about their...
propane school buses

An additional 155 school buses run on propane in Kansas City

An additional 155 emission-reducing, economical school buses run on propane in a Missouri school district. KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Aug....
renewable natural gas station

Renewable natural gas station opens in South Bronx

On July 10th, 2019, Empire Clean Cities, city officials, and members of the community joined the Clean Energy Fuels Corp. for the...
propane school buses

Propane school buses dramatically decrease harmful emissions

West Virginia university study finds domestically produced alternative fuel, like the fuel found in propane school buses, are proven to lower nitrogen...

Propane mower testimonial: Return to Barnes Inc.

According to The Propane Education Research Council, "There are over 150 propane mower models — including walk-behind, stand-on, and zero-turn-radius models —...
switching to biodiesel

City of Grandview joins others with their switch to biodiesel

The City of Grandview has become the latest to make the switch to biodiesel for fleet operations, joining several other Central Ohio...
propane autogas school bus

Thomas Built Buses rolls out new propane autogas school bus

Thomas Built Buses Inc. has introduced the Saf-T-Liner C2 propane autogas school bus equipped with the new Driveforce 8.8L LPG engine, produced...

Electrification with Cummins head of electrification

Cummins head of electrification, Julie Furber, discusses transportation electrification and the market for electric trucks. Cummins, the giant...
propane-powered bus

Propane-powered bus system operates its 20th year

National Park Service celebrates the 20th anniversary of the propane-powered bus system, Island Explorer. BAR HARBOR, MAINE – The...

Going the extra mile with a propane fleet

The Propane Education & Research Council shows how the propane fleet is paving the way in innovation, and why this alternative fuel...

Learn why biodiesel is more than just a fuel

Renewable Energy Group (REGI) shows how biodiesel impacts the world around you, from biodiesel's more eco-friendly influence to it's positive economic impact...

Renewable Natural Gas Industry: Making renewable fuel & power from organic waste

The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas dives into renewable natural gas (aka biomethane, RNG) & the RNG industry in North America, including...

The largest wastewater treatment biogas production-to-renewable natural gas facility in the U.S. opened in...

Watch the celebration of the largest wastewater treatment biogas production-to-renewable natural gas facility in the United States being opened in Phoenix, Arizona.

What is E85? Fitment Industries explains

We've all heard someone talk about it before, but what exactly is it, and how does this magical corn juice make us...

Liquefied natural gas trains make the grade in Florida

John Davis, creator and host of MotorWeek, investigates how liquefied natural gas powers trains in Jacksonville, Florida. For...