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SPONSORED: Striving to be carbon-neutral by 2030

B20 Club Member Spotlight: Ball State University With a campus-wide goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030, Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, depends on several...

SPONSORED: Fueling a cleaner, happier Fort Wayne

B20 Club Member Spotlight: City of Fort Wayne Delivering a better quality of life for residents. Reducing costs. Providing reliable services. For the City of...

SPONSORED: Cleaner, greener public transit

B20 Club Member Spotlight: Muncie Indiana Transit System (MITS) It’s no secret that public transit helps the environment. But the Muncie Indiana Transit System, also...

SPONSORED: Building a better future – Ozinga

B20 Club Member Spotlight: Ozinga For B20 Club member Ozinga, building a better future for coworkers, communities and customers is all in a day’s work....

SPONSORED: Trucking fleets don’t look back after switch to biodiesel

As fleets look to reduce GHG emissions, they are looking beyond improvements in fuel economy to advanced technologies and alternative fuels — which can...

Sponsored: River Cruise Giants Make Big Waves, Smaller Impacts with Biodiesel

In April 2019, the Hornblower Group announced the acquisition of Entertainment Cruises, uniting the best-known names in the river and harbor cruising industry in one company. Soon after,...