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Technology helping develop second-generation biofuels

Biofuel often doesn’t get as much publicity as other sustainable energy technologies. While experts predict bioenergy production will rise 25% over the next few...

Aviation industry developing alternative fuel options

The eco-conscious movement is influencing various industries. As more electric vehicles hit the roads and solar panels fuel residential energy uses, other sectors search...

How biofuels can recover from pandemic production decline

The COVID-19 pandemic financially interfered with various industries. Local, family-owned restaurants closed, and millions of workers lost their jobs globally. One benefit of the...

Land of Enchantment Clean Cities compares alt-fuel buses

Between 2017 and 2019, the Land of Enchantment Clean Cities Coalition (LOECC) compared the fuel economy and cost-per-mile of four-identically sized and powered mid-sized transit...

Understanding alternative fuel options in the shipping industry

The shipping industry is a major industrial emitter of greenhouse gases — accounting for between 2 to 3% of all global emissions. Ships emit less...

WEBINAR: Intro to Renewable Liquid Fuels

Several Clean Cities coalitions came together to host an "Intro to Renewable Liquid Fuels" webinar series in June 2020. The first part of the...

Indiana Soybean Alliance and Indiana Corn Marketing Council partner

The promotion of alternative fuels in Indiana is strong, thanks to a growing relationship between Greater Indiana Clean Cities and the Indiana Soybean Alliance and the...

Food versus fuel?

Ethanol is the fastest-growing renewable fuel on the planet. The ethanol industry generated over $46 billion in gross domestic product last year, but ethanol...

Biofuel blends in motorcycles, what do bikers think?

The Renewable Fuels Association gets a lot of questions about using biofuel blends in motorcycles, so they decided to ask the bikers who know...

EPA finalizes RFS fuel pathways for distillers sorghum oil

On July 24, the U.S. EPA published a notice qualifying distillers sorghum oil as an eligible feedstock for the production of advanced biofuels and...

Cooking oil powers biodiesel vehicles in Rhode Island

Watch how Newport Biodiesel converts used cooking oil into biodiesel in Rhode Island.