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OPINION: 2021 a year of wins for sustainable transportation

Many people would rather forget the events of this past year and the year before, but for Wisconsin Clean Cities and the sustainable transportation...

OPINION: Wisconsin’s electric vehicle future is now

What was your dream vehicle when you were growing up? The types of vehicles we desire when we’re young tend to be slick hot rods...

DRIVE Electric USA partners show program progress

The DRIVE Electric USA project is a multi-state initiative to develop a plan to create branded, electric vehicle focused programs for each individual state...

OPINION: Reducing imported petroleum, crude oil critical for Midwest

One of the many positive aspects of working in the sustainable transportation sector is it truly offers something for everyone. Some individuals and fleets choose...

OPINION: Wisconsin charging ahead with electric vehicles

February was a big month for electric vehicles across the nation and in Wisconsin. Foxconn announced in late February its plans to assemble vehicles for...