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First steps for fleets transitioning to electric vehicles

There are many reasons why a business or government agency may be interested in adding EVs to their fleets, such as reaching sustainability goals,...

CALSTART, Denver Metro Clean Cities develop EV data collection project

The market for electric vehicles (EVs) is expanding, and the medium- (MD) and heavy-duty (HD) vehicle sector is no exception. As a result of...

North Carolina medium and heavy-duty electrification

Electrification of the transportation sector is one of the most significant levers available to dial back the production and emission of harmful climate-changing greenhouse...

Advancing vehicle electrification through data collection and analysis

EV adoption is on the rise, creating a need for up-to-date national data on transportation electrification to help stakeholders better understand plug-in electric vehicle...

FLEETFIX: Tennessee Golf Trail Electrification Program

Fleet Name: Tennessee Golf Trail Electrification Program Domicile site: State of Tennessee Fleet purpose: The electric golf carts are for public recreational use at the state...

An intern’s first experience with EV events was electrifying

My name is Daniel Mock. I’m a Clean Cities intern working with the Twin Cities Clean Cities coalition, and I recently attended my first...