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The future of energy: Is it turning carbon dioxide into fuel?

Could we curb emissions by turning carbon dioxide into fuel? Scientists worldwide have developed ambitious solutions to today’s energy and climate challenges. Carbon dioxide...

Technology helping develop second-generation biofuels

Biofuel often doesn’t get as much publicity as other sustainable energy technologies. While experts predict bioenergy production will rise 25% over the next few...

Aviation industry developing alternative fuel options

The eco-conscious movement is influencing various industries. As more electric vehicles hit the roads and solar panels fuel residential energy uses, other sectors search...

How biofuels can recover from pandemic production decline

The COVID-19 pandemic financially interfered with various industries. Local, family-owned restaurants closed, and millions of workers lost their jobs globally. One benefit of the...

Toyota to create hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles

When most people talk about fuel cell-powered vehicles, they’re referring to cars and trucks. Japanese automaker Toyota has a broader vision, aiming to bring...